Xbox S/X best selling console in UK in January


I wonder that because of production problems along with the heavy demand that it will take longer for the prices of these console’s to drop in price. I also heard someone mention that this generation may be longer than normal, and if people might still want pro versions further into the generation. Interesting things to think about.


Regardless of how Xbox wins the month, they still won the month and it’s still impressive. I’m expecting an 8 year generation instead of 6 or 7 but im also expecting a mid-gen upgrade in 2023/2024 which would also include the first price cuts in my opinion.

Especially since it appears that TSMC is increasing the prices for the SOC for Sony. Not sure if this also applies to Microsoft as well though.

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I agree with Zhuge’s assessment. I’ll be more impressed if they sell more consoles next January.

As for the price, I think both Sony and MS will be content with their pricing for probably at least the next 3 years (Not including bundles and holiday sales, etc.). I think material/component costs will keep the price where it is for a while.


I expect a 10 year generation with no mid generation upgrade. Yup. It’s weird times. But we’ll see a new Xbox Series Console

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I can see a 10 year generation but NOT without a mid-gen upgrade.


The X is an awesome machine…plus gamepass …and obviously more stock

I think with all the RDNA2 features and everything, Series S|X will survive for many years and will get better in time. Not sure the Ps5 will age as well, fully expecting a PS5 slim and Ps5 Pro in a couple years.

People are going to be surprised how well Xbox X|S sell.

Tim gettys thinks that the PS5 is going to sell more then PS4 and is reasoning is laughable, he uses anecdotal evidence of “all my friends got PS5s…” And all the 115million PS4 owners will get a PS5.


this makes no sense

The console market is about 200 million.

This has not changed much since the PS2,OG XBOX + GAMCUBE days.

For PS5 to do as good as the PS4 they would need to grow the market because theres no way Xbox S/X is going to do the same or worse then the Xbox one. I dont see why the XBOX S/X could not come close to 360 numbers, And the switch and OC will also chip away at that 200 million console market.

People like gettys seems to forget that the vast majority of gamers are kids or casuals who are very fickle and will get the cheapest console that has great games, the Series S will give sony problems once the hardcore have purchased a PS5. The PS5 digital has a bigger loss then disc version it wont reduce in price for years the seriesS will be $250 first and at $299 currently will appeal to the casual mass market.

And lets not forget the 23 studios xbox will have plus game pass, while the hype is strong now with the PS5 the reality of Xbox’s strength will set in a year or two.

I know gettys prefers playstation, but his arguments should at least make some sense, if they dont, he should be called out.


Tim isn’t a games analyst and doesn’t claim to be so I don’t think it’s worth over thinking his responses. Tim’s a good guy, he’s not trying to start console wars or mindlessly praise PlayStation. I do expect PS5 to sell as well if not better not PS4.

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Any win for Xbox is a win.

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It’s kinda funny

PS5 outsells Xbox: obviously ps5>Xbox

Xbox outsells PS5: obviously stock issues that’s the only reason

I know it’s stock issues probably but it’s just funny the different stance. Also I keep seeing people saying no one is buying xboxes in Europe/UK and there’s still Xbox’s on shelves. So obviously that’s BS unless Switch and PS5 only stocked fuck all which I highly doubt.


Europe is Playstation territory. But it‘s really impressiv how in Switzerland, Germany and Austria (I don‘t know about the other countries) the Series X sells immediately when they restock some units. Continue the good work Microsoft and you will definitely not beat Playstation (in units sold) but be again a real competitor.


Those are markets with real potential for Xbox because unlike Japan they actually have a solid install base.


If demand is already that high, what will happen when Halo is out and everyone plays it on PC and Xbox ? :thinking:

Or when Elder Scrolls and Fallout 5 launch exclusively on Xbox consoles an PC.


I didnt say any of the above about tim. Tim and anyone else should be called out when they dont make much sense, otherwise whats the point in anything.

Saying any continent is a terrority is not correct. The customers of Europe just favour sonys products more then xbox, but they are not alledged to sony. Things change, and things will change especially given a long enough timeframe.

If we turn the clock back to 2006 - 2009 it was the other way round Xbox was know for the best games and it was making ground in Europe. I dont think the PS5 will repeat the PS3 situation but Xbox will be associated great games as much as PS5 and possible more so in certain years, gamers are fickle it only takes a few great games to change perceptions. Afterall what would playstation be without naughty dog and ssm?


Don’t really care about exact sales numbers as it does not impact me at all. MS is clearly putting a ton of resources behind Xbox and that’s all that really matters.

A good sales target for Microsoft would be 7.5 million consoles sold by November, before Halo’s launch (and potentially Starfield or Wolfenstein 3 launch) and the holidays start, so that they can sell around 10 million consoles in its first year. It’ll be difficult with the production issues they are having, though, but demand is higher than with the One.

Ultimately it would be nice for the industry to see 3 healthy consoles out there. The fact that enough people want a $499 Xbox after the One failed to live up to the expectations set by the 360 is a good thing for the industry.

Especially when there was nothing for showcase launch titles. It goes to show that MS is doing all of the other things right.

My guess is that demand for both machines is sitting at 2:1 for the PS5 and it’s supply constraints that are making things a bit closer than they should be. But for MS it’s a lucky break because it buys them time to build a compelling case for many soon-to-be next gen owners to switch to the Xbox, or to get it an Xbox to compliment their PS5. A strong E3 could shift purchase-intentions.

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