Xbox RPG Studios: What's your favourite?

Obsidian has the reputation, but I’m interested to see what Playground does with Fable

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My favouriet is Obsidian no contest because we know what they are capable of just with a small budget they manage to create really immersive games even despite some technical shortcomings, I really enjoyed all their games greatly.

Now imagine them truly unshackled with insane budget et technical expertise back up and more talent for Avowed. I really think we are going to get blown away.

Of course InXile too but their project is long far off but don’t underestimate them. Something big is coming from them.

Playground is in kind of a Guerrilla situation, coming off of an established successful franchise and making a game in a whole new genre, in this case however, there’s huge baggage of a decade old dead franchise that many loved, so expectations are rather different. HZD was huge for Guerrilla, but Fable is an even bigger task for Playground. Guerrilla at least went from one action franchise to another, but Playground is going from a simcade racer to an action RPG, which is rather wild, and has potential to go either ways. For now, I think they have the tone established well, it was one of the more important things to preserve for the franchise moving forward, so now it’s all about story and gameplay, we know the graphics will be goddamn breathtaking.

The darkness is when the corners of the screen get darker when you’re in grass so enemies can’t see you. Similar to Sekiro when crouched or in grass. As for the head bobbing, I did turn it off but if you stand still, the screen still shakes/moves which is very disorienting. If im standing still, the camera should be still. At least in my opinion anyway.

A lot love for Obsidian I see :slight_smile:

Obsidian is the easy answer and I love Obsidian but I really believe InXile is going to make something special.

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I am most excited Playground Games’ Fable. That studio has delivered nothing but quality games for 10 years now.

hopefully playground can switch between genres as well as guerrilla did for HZD. Though im excited for what Obsidian can do with avowed now they have access to MS time and money.

I think all 3 Studios will deliver us great games to play but i think Obsidian gets my vote. They always have made great Rpgs.

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Just thinking about what Obsidian can do with the proper amount of time and funding has me more excited than I can properly convey in words.

I know right :pensive:

I’m positive his team are going to make an impact when they reveal their new game. Will be Brian’s dream RPG realised, just looking at the talent he has acquired makes me pumped with excitement.

Not to take away from the other teams, the only real unknown is Playground, they have open world expertise, just not anything proven in the RPG soace. (Yet…)

In the end I think RPG fans are going to love all the games these guys output. I hope we get something like Mass Effect from Brian’s teams.

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It’s so nice to see we are in a position to discuss which Xbox RPG studio is the best. I think every studio has something special which results in different great RPGs.

  • Obsidian has a proven track record to make unique games with limited time and budget. The core of the team didn’t change in years and we can expect a great game in Avowed.

  • InXile has also proved to work with a limited budget. Playing Tides of Numenera was a good throwback on the older games. Getting the sweet Microsoft money I actually looking forward to play Wasteland 3. “Do whatever you want” is a great motto for this game. I’m planning to create an suicide tank lol

  • Playground is probably the biggest questionmark. FH games are amazing and rebooting one of Xbox favourite IP is a hard task. But with the people they hired and the leadership team from FH we can expect an amazing fable game. Hopefully they still keep the lore and the british humour.

Obsidian is the studio I’m looking to really come into its own this generation now that they have all the ingredients and resources to be truly great. However, Playground Games is the studio I think will continue to produce the highest quality games that pushes technology forward for not just their own platforms but even when compared to any platform.

InXile for me because I love tactics RPGs.

Obsidian, though I was really disappointed with TOW. Really excited for Avowed. Hopefully Wasteland 3 will be more console friendly than 2. The text was just too small on 2 for my living room setup so I hope 3 is better with this.

I know a lot of people want Avowed to be Skyrim but I’m hoping it would be what Dragon Age was promised to be over a decade ago. More in-depth role playing within a dense world. I think Obsidian is ready to take cRPG to a new level of popularity. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

Honestly, I think this question is a bit premature. We’ve got two cgi trailers and absolutely nothing from inxile except rumors. I hope they’ll all be amazing games so people can enjoy them. Personally, I prefer third person games so I’d go with playground now just because of that, but we really need more information regarding these games to have honest expectations and preferences. That’s my take.

It would be kind of neat if Obsidian was working on another RPG based on a popular IP. The Stick of Truth was incredible and everyone loves KOTOR 2.

Playground is definitely my favorite of the developers. The Horizon series is so special and I cannot wait to see what they do with Fable.

This will be my first xbox console ever. I come for the rpgs first and foremost, avowed scratched the itch I didn’t know I had and fable has a cheeky quality to it that resonates with me. I’m also interested to see what game pass has to offer to. L. D

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