Xbox RPG Studios: What's your favourite?

Trust my fellow friend (or maybe Fable or maybe both)

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Knowing that Avowed is set in the world of Pillars of Eternity has be pumped.

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Don’t have a favorite out of the three as next gen will be the first time playing games from the majority of their first party studios. I haven’t played The Outer Worlds. Tried it but the head bobbing and darkness around the screen when crouched annoyed me so I quit it. Wasteland 3 is day one but it will be my first InXile game so I can’t say if I will like it or not. I am however interested in Avowed and to see what InXile’s next gen RPG is.

So basically, I voted for Playground Games because I have played Forza Horizon 3 so I know their quality is high and I believe that their second studio is going to be amazing with Fable. Can’t wait!!!

Obsidian, pound for pound, may have the most talented creatives in the industry. The number of people they have who can lead their own projects for a studio around 200 people is phenomenal. Fact that Josh Sawyer, one of the most accomplished industry vets for RPGs, is leading their 3rd or 4th largest game says a lot about the talent they have there.

I feel like when Microsoft announced their new studios in 2018, the one that flew under the radar was InXile. I think they’re the sleeper pick of all Xbox studios. Fargo ran Interplay in its prime, has really good creatives, and great contacts in the industry. He’s already begun leveraging that with some of the names he’s brought in. By the end of the gen, InXile could be regarded as a RPG powerhouse.

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Inxile I feel like long term has the most potential they really seem to be gearing up to go to the next level. Should be interesting to see what there next game on unreal 5 can do.

InXile because of Wasteland.

Obsidian has been a hit & miss for me, i liked Tyranny, loved POE, disliked POE 2 & The Outer worlds :man_shrugging:

Obsidian > InXile > Playground…

Playground is my favourite Xbox studio, but its RPG team is untested. They have amazing world designers, but I can’t in good conscious rank them over two RPG titans for making better RPGs when they haven’t even finished one. They could easily jump up if Fable is as good as I hope. With that said, I prefer Obsidian to InXile.

Nothing has been confirmed, but I’d say there is a very good chance that it will have a third person mode. Obsidian job posting listed both first person and third person animations as a requirement for development.

I’m trying to find the source, but I know I also read Obsidian stating that “future games like Grounded” would offer third person options due to the response they saw from The Outer Worlds. It was either a tweet or a message in their discord.

Obsidian, I’ve been following their games for absolute ages and will continue to do so. I am so excited for Avowed and them finally getting a crack at a big budget game after all these years.

Though to be fair I’m also excited for what Inxile and Playground are also making as well. Especially as to what Fargo pitched for their new IP big rpg they are making.

Dunno which will do best, but super excited to see the first party rpg offerings kick into gear in a few yrs! Not just excited for the individual studios/projects, but also on the potential for collab. Imagine Ninja Theory sharing animation/combat tech with these teams, or the Coalition sharing graphics engine tech or Asobo’s team sharing some of their machine learning stuff from Flight Sim to help generate assets (even if they need touched up by artists afterwards).

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  1. Obsidian. -They were a favourite studio of mine long before the acquisition. So happy for them.

  2. InXile. -Wasteland is great, and I’m very hyped for their next game even if not much is known.

  3. Playground. -Great studio, love FH4. No idea how they will approach the RPG genre, but I’m excited to find out soon.

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Right now it has to be Obsidian but Playground are fantastic devs, it’s just their RPG team is new so unproven yet. inXile are also great and I’m excited to see what they do under Microsoft.

As an RPG fan I couldn’t be more excited for this upcoming gen :slight_smile:

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Obsidian is responsible for some of my favorite Xbox-related memories, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thirsty for another Fable.

It’s a coin flip for me at this point. I enjoyed Outer Worlds and got all the achievements when it came out, but the first two Fables really blew my mind back in the day.

Wow, that is great news… Thanks for the response.

Damn man the disrespect to Frago.

Brain Frago and his team will body these Western RPG Studios 3-4 years from Now


I’m excited for Avowed but first person only is a bummer. I actually played the hell out of Skyrim in third person even though it was super cumbersome and clunky.

The fact that InXile’s game is 3rd person and has the God of War combat director REALLY has me intrigued.

I’m most excited for Obsidian. With Inxile coming in second. Avowed will be amazing!

Right now I am not sure which one I prefer. I do enjoy playgrounds Forza series. I did play a little bit of the outer worlds and enjoyed it but I keep loosing interest and then getting back into it. I am going to restart the game on pc soonish. Avowed has me really interested though. If those leaks are true that could be a game changer.

In exile I don’t know much about. Honestly it’s all a wait and see game with me. Though I think Xbox will be huge for western rpgs again like during the OG Xbox days.

I’m personally excited to see what all of them will make, but I’m sticking with Obsidian since I’ve played more of their RPGs in the past.

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You can turn the head bobbing off. Not sure what the darkness is can’t remember that.