Xbox RPG Studios: What's your favourite?

It isn’t far stretched to think xbox is becoming a big RPG powerhouse.

With In Exile, Obsidian and Playground we got three excellent studios working on some exciting stuff.

Some fruition are already there:

Wasteland 3 releases on August 28 and should bring some CRPG goodness:

Obsidian is working on a new The Outer Worlds DLC:

In the near future we will see the big guns. Fable and Avowed could make huge waves in the gaming landscape:

A lot further in the future In Exile will bring us a supposedly big budget RPG and Obsidian will surely make a sequel to The Outer Worlds.

Also possible smaller projects from the like of Obsidian could surprise us.

Now let me ask you what studio are you most excited for and why?

For me it is Playground I love Fable and too see it coming back bigger then ever sold me. However I’m excited for all of them. Wasteland 3 looks like it could be a contender for RPG of the year. (yeah I know light competition anyways) In conclusion I’m hopeful and excited for the future of XBOX RPG STUDIOS :wink:

  • Obsidian
  • Playground
  • In Exile

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For me it’s Obsidian. These people are, to me, the unsurpassed masters of storytelling. I’m playing through PoE2 right now, and the still unpatched bug aside, it is a masterpiece.


I was trying POE1 but this game is slow. The world and everything is amazing sadly the combat is not a joy on controller.

Try fiddling around with the settings, it should be customizable to your liking!

If I could I would make combat easy as possible or fast as possible but everything is soo clunky :woozy_face:

Obsidian, but I expect inXile to really blow people‘s minds down the road, too.

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Hmm, try the following:

  • set difficulty to either story mode or easy. This mainly reduces the number of enemies you face in a mob, thus speeds up combat considerably
  • fiddle with the auto pause settings. Seems counterintuitive as it slows combat - but it makes strategic fighting possible, which in turn helps to put enemies away much more efficient
  • if you’ve got a good mix in your party going, especially with a few ranged fighters (and spell casters), fiddle around with the auto attack settings / aggressive stance
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Yeah the auto pause dragged my progress

sad to see InXile being the last lol, they’re my pick because Wasteland 3 just looks amazing, and I haven’t played Obsidian games myself (it’s probably a dumb thing to participate in this then). But yeah, Avowed is gonna be INSANE

I can’t pick Playground because we have zero understanding of their process and approach to the genre yet. We know the game shall look phenomenal graphically, that’s for sure. Outside that, all we know is they have captured the Fable tone and humor (that is presuming the CGI teaser represents the game to a relevant degree), but nothing about characters, quests, story, combat, progression, world design, so on. But I’m hopeful they shall do a good job, but I just can’t vote for them as an “RPG powerhouse” yet.

Fiar point on Playground and nice to see some love for Wasteland 3!

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Obsidian is my choice, based on history and my time with games like Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds, and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Avowed is my most anticipated upcoming Xbox Game Studios game.

Xbox’s investment into RPGs is really exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing the next generation of RPGs on Xbox Series X.


Obsidian is more ready to deliver the goods, so I bet they could win this poll easily today. But in 4 or 5 years, I believe such a poll would be extremely hard.

Seriously, I just can’t give up on games from Obsidian, inXile and Playground. I’m a western RPG guy. Xbox put a chain on my leg.


This is a really hard choice for me as an old-school Interplay/Black Isle fan where a lot of the veterans from InXile and Obsidian came from. I barely gave Obsidian the edge only because they’ve made some of my favorite games of all time: The Outer Worlds, New Vegas, PoE, and KOTOR 2, among so many other gems. InXile I think will catch a lot of people off guard when they see what those wizards can do with time and a budget - I grew up on A Bard’s Tale, and their pedigree has only grown over time.

I didn’t factor in Playground yet only because we haven’t seen what that specific team, but don’t mistake that for concern or doubt; the hires they’ve been making, being so intertwined with the other studios when it comes to knowledge exchange and communication, and the fact that Phil and Matt felt comfortable with them to build a new Fable, all add up to great signs.

Honestly, I can’t think of a single studio that XGS has right now that I have legitimate doubt or concern with, and I’m saying that not as a fanboy but as someone who has genuinely been happy with most of their output, their ability to listen to feedback and adapt, and the general free-reign that Xbox has seemingly been giving their teams (which breeds innovation and creativity).

Does anyone else want Avowed to have a 3rd person option similar to Skyrim/Fallout? I understand 1st person for some in game situations but prefer to have the option.

My personal preferences (outside of great game play and engaging story) for good WRPGs are:

  1. 3rd person option
  2. Robust Character Creation

This is not to say that 1st person only RPGs are bad but I prefer a 3rd person option at least.

Considering the portfolio gotta give it to Obisidian. Though InXile with a budget oozes potential as well.

On the other hand Playground has 0 work on the genre, but their games being so polished I can’t help but believe Fable is going to be amazing too

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Generally feel the same, and I think it’s important to note that I’m very positive on all three of these studios. I may have a favorite, but none are “weak”.

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Obsidian are masters at this point but I’m curious to see what Playground can do.


How the hell playground has so many votes they’ve literally never created a rpg🤣

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Obsidian of course. New Vegas is the best Fallout since 2, head and shoulders above 3 and 4, and Deadfire is magnificent. I was the one person hoping their “AAA rpg” was a first-person Pillars game.


I don’t think you were the only one there friend :wink: Ever since the writer that shall not be named (because he’s a piece of crap), mentioned that Feargus was wanting his own Skyrim-like set in Pillars universe, I’ve been stoked.