Xbox One Collecting

Good strategy to keep only the games you love to play.

Some of my favourites in my collection are games I picked up as souvenirs when I was travelling in Japan, U.S. and Canada.

They are fun to keep for memories of Arkihaba in Japan and, well, Walmart in the States! (Coming from Australia, Walmart was a fun stop while in the States!)

We’ll see how regular I can make these posts, but I have just updated my spreadsheet with the following physical announcements/releases:

Recent Physical Releases

Recent Physical Announcements

I’ll try and keep posting updates regularly, as it’s good for me to keep monitoring the releases.

You know, if anyone from Xbox is readying this - it would be a lot easier if you guys would publish an official physical release list for all territories… just saying :wink:

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I collect for all three Xbox consoles. Only what I’m actually interested in playing though. I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of retro collecting before and sold it all off. My only regret was not waiting longer to maximize profits. Ultimately, I can’t stand the clutter.

I mostly play on PC these days anyhow.

With that being said, here is my physical XB1 stash, 28 games in all:

My XB1 physical collection is probably around 70 games I think maybe a bit more. My 360 collection is over 200. OG Xbox collection is around less than 30. I don’t have any regrets, but since 2018 I’ve really begun starting to buy more games digitally so I have more digital games than physically now.

Something interesting about physical Xbox One cases… the NA cases are slightly lighter green than they are in EU. I only noticed this because I saw one of my games was a little lighter than the rest which I found rather strange so I pulled the game out and it turned out to be WOFF Maxima which I imported from Amazon US a year and a half ago.

Hmm, this got me looking at my collection. There is certainly two different types of Xbox One cases, and WOFF Maxima is different but my colour looks pretty similar:

Looking at my collection, I’d say it’s a fairly 50/50 split on the type of case. As a bonus fact the only other type of case I have is the 360 reprints in the Xbox One cases:

Which have the different Xbox header at the top of the case. I’m assuming that soon the header will just say “Xbox” and drop the “One” for Series X games.

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Ha, definitely understand that. Collecting games is the one area I like organised clutter and I do get joy out of getting and having the games physically. Nice little stash you have there!

I’ll take a picture of my full Xbox One physical collection later.

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Hard to get a good picture of it all… and to be honest since the cases are so small it doesn’t look like it but there are about 400 games there! Sorry about the quality, it’s not in the best spot for light for photos - and even in the middle of winter in Australia we get too much sun!

Some close ups of the shelves. The gaps are due to expecting the arrival of a few more imported games in the post soon.

My tiny PlayStation and Nintendo collection at the bottom there. I have a whole other bookcase for my Sega games, but I’ll post that in the Retro thread! :smiley:


that’s a sick collection :flushed:

Whoa i knew my Titanfall controller could fetch a good price but didnt know the Master Chief and Spartan Locke one went up as well

The only limited console i have is the Scorpio (and a Day One edition if that counts). Hesitated on the Cyberpunk one and missed out.

I don’t have a huge physical games collection, but since I never sell anything, I have a decent hardware collection:

  • Xbox One (2015, matte black)
  • Xbox One S Gears 4 Edition
  • Xbox One X Gears 5 Edition
  • Elite Controller Gears 4 Edition
  • Normal Controller Crimson Omen
  • Normal Controller JD Fenix

Will get XSX during the 6 months after launch (not sure about day 1).

Will also get XSS later on if I like its looks.

A quiet week this week, but here is the round up:

New Physical Releases

Recent Physical Announcements

NOTE: This does appear to have been released previously in Europe and UK; not sure why there is a Limited Run Games distributed variant. But I thought I’d list it here as there was nothing else this week announced.

Here’s hoping for some more announcements next week. I wouldn’t mind a physical version of Battletoads, so fingers crossed.

Amazing collection! Wow!

Pyscho pass any good? I almost purchased it a couple times as I heard the Japanese release has English subtitles.

I know it is a visual novel, but I’m curious if the story is engaging enough to buy and play.

Hm, I bought most of my Japanese games on a trip to Japan in 2017. So ii played them all but it was only Raiden V and Stranger in Sword City that grabbed me.

I don’t remember Psycho pass having English subtitles… I just loaded it up and certainly the opening is all in Japanese and I couldn’t get to a menu to change it. I think the PlayStation or Switch version are subtitled, but doesn’t look like the Xbox version is.

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Maybe I’m wrong then :stuck_out_tongue: I enjoyed both raiden v and stranger of sword City :slight_smile:

A little sad that experience Inc’s next game on Xbox isn’t in English sadly :frowning:

Yeah, the lack of Japanese physical releases in general for Xbox this generation was a little sad. I understand they don’t sell well, but I certainly would have loved physical versions of the Yakuza games and the recent Capcom beat em up collection. I’ll certainly be buying Yakuza like a dragon day one on Series X to support them!

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Same, got yakuza like a dragon retail copy preordered, can’t wait for it :)!

All right, now this is a week! Lots of great announcements and we are starting to see “Series X” labeled games.

I could be wrong (and please, correct me if I am - as I like to know these silly details) but UFC 4 may have been the first game released with “Series X” listed on the label.

As a fun bit for Xbox One X trivia; as far as I know “Killing Floor 2” was the first released Xbox One game to be labeled as “Xbox One X Enhanced” (one again, please correct me if I’m wrong, I’d love to know!)

So on with the week of physical releases and announcements:

New Physical Releases

Recent Physical Announcements

NOTE: I know that Control has been physically release before, however I am listing the Ultimate Edition here because it is also the Series X version.

Personally, I’m excited that “Puyo Puyo Tetris 2” is getting a western Xbox release, after playing the original in Japanese (there is a surprising amount of menus in the games).

Have a great week everyone, enjoy the games you have and look forward to the games coming!

The Xbox One | Xbox 360 games are another subset of collecting. Initially, they were in the standard DVD cases but once they moved to X1 cases, I thought wow, this would be great for BC games.