Xbox No Longer Using Xbox 20/20 Phrasing

[Editor’s Note on 8/7/2020 – Xbox has a massive year ahead of us, as outlined below. After reassessing our programming for the rest of the year, we’ve decided to stop using the “Xbox 20/20” phrasing as it implied that we would be releasing information in one way only, through a dedicated monthly show. We’ve got so much more to share with news about Xbox Series X, new games like Halo: Infinite, and cloud gaming via Xbox Game Pass. We’re going to share that news in a variety of ways. It may sometimes be a dedicated show, YouTube videos, partnering with others, or sharing the latest via Xbox Wire. We want to stay flexible with how we connect with you.]

Makes sense since they never really were consistent in delivering information and it gave off the impression there would be monthly videos showing announcements.

Good move. Xbox 20/20 already had a bad rep due to the first show, the June show completely absent and the mixed reactions to the second event. While I was okay with the second event the messaging behind 20/20 was kinda weird to say at least. Sometimes MS seem to learn from their missteps. But more often unfortunately not.

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Bit of a mess this. Why didn’t they just clarify that they never meant monthly shows and crack on with it? To me it feels like events changed their whole schedule. Which nobody can blame them for. But just say earlier that this doesn’t mean a monthly event and it encompasses lots of news about next gen. I also have the impression that they just aren’t quite delivering the news they intended and I wonder why.

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I think another DF video would be handy assessing games if any are ready.

MS doesn’t know how to market to consumers. I will die on this hill. PR misses layups.

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I honestly dont even think this was a big deal. Not once did I see Xbox 20/20 anywhere lol. It was always, “May Inside Xbox Event” then their June event got pushed back then “July Xbox Showcase”. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough but I never really saw anyone using the Xbox 20/20 term also. Stuff will still be shown and im sure the last thing on anyone’s mind was a marketing term.

This is the problem lol.

Yeh, I wasn’t expecting monthly events, I’m assuming this months will be youtube videos, blog posts and a thing or two for the gamescom digital stream.

Haha. They definitely messed up there. Seems they didn’t expect Sony to be so reactive to them wrt pricing announcements. That alone screwed up their plans for June’s Xboxing Day with Lockhart etc. /fail

Problem is they have never said this would be monthly events. And they have been clarifying this in every show/podcast/interview they have been since then.

Yet, everybody is still talking about “the august event” and what to except out of it.

We will not have an august event, and has never been in their plan. Even in interviews just after the july event, they have been saying that we should not expect anything of that caliber every month.

Didnt Booty say in July we were going to get more info on the other studios in August? Or did he just say, later this year?

NVM, just re-watched the ending, he did say “more to share, later this year”

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So no August event, I guess. That’s too bad.

Microsoft’s marketing is definitely strange at times. I feel like they absolutely nail it with game pass advertisements and social media but when it’s comes to consoles it’s usually uninteresting or lackluster.

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Yeah, I agree with you. They always seem to have confusing messaging regarding console launches. Same was for Xbox one, same now. No xsx exclusives for one year, no exclusives for two years, then it’s developers choice. Xbox 20/20 in May, don’t adhere to it one month later, scrap it in August. Apologize for Xbox May show only to do the same in July. I mean, who runs this for Microsoft? They should really work on this. It sometimes takes couple of articles to get their message straight.

And I really can’t understand how you commit to something in May and realize it’s a bad strategy two months later.

Don’t want to sound to negative, I just somehow care for Xbox and I’d like them to do better.

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This seems like the most non-story story that we’ve had in awhile. I forgot the words 20/20 were ever mentioned until this news. LOL

Should never pigeon hole yourself into a yearly strategy to fit a slogan though.


Never even heard of this until now lol

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And you hear about Dino Crisis either. :smirk:

I think they could improve but it was never no exclusive for 2 years. That quote was originally made to indicate that late 2019 titles leading up to SX launch would also be enhanced for it alongside games launching in 2021.

Then they clarified that this was not being forced down the studios, if the studio felt it needs to make use of the SX power they could (though naturally those titles would be more recent and thus likely to launch outside of the given window anyway).

Another possibility is that they are upgrading to SX blades in Xcloud in 2021 so they can say current gen support will continuw since Xcloud will make it seamless to run games that can’t be executed locally

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First it was Matt Booty back at the end of 2019 in MVC with next two years, so that would be 1 year after the launch of xsx. Then it was Phil Spencer some time ago, in the last month or two, with two years of xsx life without exclusives. Then Spencer later on clarified that studios can choose what to do. And that’s exactly the problem I have with MS/Xbox. Their strategy is in constant flux, you never know how committed they are to something. Imagine you bought xbox one x in the first half of the year expecting to play new XGS games for some time and then in few months Spencer comes out and says nope, that’s not gonna happen. I almost did that, was inches away from it. If their initial message was that studios could choose whether to make a game exclusive to series x or not, it would all be fine, and it would be understandable. Now, it’s just baffling.

To be fair, supporting your last platform for another two years is a great consumer friendly move. But playstations fans quickly turned that into this stupid held-back narrative and impressively managed to make this move look bad in the general consensus. I mean seriously no one could have forseen that a move like this would be seen as bad and it still is insane to me. I think the pressure got so big that phil had to do something to ease the discussion a little bit. I remember in the last transitions that long support was always seen as something good.