Xbox News Briefing 2020 Leaked by WalkingCat (_h0x0d_)

It leaked and since the cat is out of the bag…


Pt 1 Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4


Yeah pretty cool, still watching…

Bloody hell how is shit like this leaking lmao there must be some unsecure server or something this person has access too.

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Just so people know, there isn’t anything new in here, everything that is discussed has was aleady leaked/revealed. Interesting that this is how may they maybe initially intended on revealing the console.

Thank god for the leaks. This show was boring and probably didn’t get the same attention and hype like the leak situation.

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It wasn’t meant for us. We would have had something else.

There is news in here. You can stream select EA Play titles (like FIFA) on your phone via Xbox Game streaming. That is HUGE news!

Ah apologies, I thought this was included in the information provided when they announced EA Play was coming to GamePass.

While I agree that this is boring, this is very well producded for a press briefing. I’m fairly sure this is the replacement of all these Zoom calls journalists have these days about products.

For example, for the Microsoft Flight Simulator briefing the press was invited to an airport near Seattle where they got a presentation like this. But afterwards journalists had the opportunity to fly in a real plane together with a co-pilot. But that was pre-COVID.

This was not meant for the ‘regular’ public.


Got round to watching the whole thing, I actually enjoyed the style and relaxed nature of the briefing. If you look at this briefing and the July event (as presentations), they’ve come a long way from their May event and Inside Xbox events of the past and I hope they continue with this more professional/polished presentation style going forward.

Obviously, it’s difficult to judge the briefing when we already knew everything that was included so I think it’s a bit harsh to call it “boring”.


I liked the briefing format too. And I thought it was good paced, they talk about something to give context then make the announcement.

As always, I am a lazy guy just copy/paste what I already said elsewhere :sunglasses:


Enjoying the added insight.

I feel like they should still post these, they probably won’t get a bunch of moaning about it being boring if they word it as this is the showcase we were going to show.

Such a shame it was leaked but Microsoft handled it very well major props

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Guessing this is what they planned to release next week. Watching now.


Crap, didn’t realize this was already posted. I looked too, sorry @zedox!

What a shame it really is the production value was on point

The marketing angle throughout this whole thing is kind of painful. Good thing this wasn’t meant for the public.

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