Xbox needs to upgrade Achievments

I feel like they need to update the achievement system with this generation. Ps5 just announced the updated trophy system and it’s not bad. I just want achievements seperate for main game and dlc and then aomething like a platinum trophy. What does everyone think?


Agreed, those two things are what I want as well.


Achievements and Trophies feel outdated in general to me, I could care less about my gamerscore now and actually wish I could just hide it.

I think MS Rewards is the way to go now, at least I have an actual incentive to gain points that can be translated to dollars.


But they are connected allready… There are always reward points to get for achievements, not to mention the challenge this month (1-19 oct) where you get up to 10 000 points for Gamerscore earned.

i think that synergy is fun, and there should be more like it. Game Pass Quests also tied to achievements giving out points etc. is allready a thing.


I think they should separate DLC from the main game like you said. Maybe click on the game and have the DLC at the bottom, but don’t combine the percentage as one game. Hate when I get the 1000/1000 and then they add DLC and ruin it.

They should also get get rid of the 1080p artwork since nobody seems to use it these days and just replace them with 1000x1000 icons kinda like the 360 days.

Would also like to see the number of games you’ve 100% on your profile page. Again we had this on 360 but was never added back to the Xbox One.


Aren’t these only tied to specific games for a short duration? That makes the synergy fall flat for me. I have to sneak games in when I can. I have no intention of playing their hot list(s).

Both specific games and general. Some tied to the Game Pass Quests, others to the Rewards app.

Most are time sensitive though, like daily/weekly/monthly

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I agree op. I feel like they’ve become an after thought to the Xbox experience while PlayStation does seem to put them front and center to their experience

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I love these. Money is tight, so even a small amount over time can make a big difference. I hope they don’t sunset this, because it was a big reason I hopped into the ecosystem (I made a big spreadsheet and everything)

Edit to further the discussion: I would like to see the achievements system be a bit deeper, like others have said in the thread. I really like the TrueAchievements implementation that the Xbox app adds, and I’d love to have a trophy case for my favorite achievements!

Yeah, I mean it’s not paying any bills but the odd game here and there is “free” so… I’ll take it.

Next up is Cyberpunk 2077, $0 for me :slight_smile:


Totally, it’s so good! It comes slowly but surely enough that I can earmark some stuff for later. I’ve got my eye on the Kishi, and extending my Game Pass subscription. Plus, it’s nice to knock cheapish games off my wishlist when they go on sale like the Yakuza series. Helps me vote with my wallet without having to break the bank :smile:

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I like the achievement system as is. I prefer DLC to be included in a game’s completion because that makes the completion more exclusive.

I would like it if the console automatically took a screenshot when you unlock an achievement, like on PS4. That would make for a cool memento.

A console based “trophy case” or a panel showing your completed games (like on the 360) would be cool too.

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The current system is ok but needs improvements like added incentives to complete specific games. A platinum equivalent and reward for it. Separate DLC.

Live themes? Better artwork as backgrounds. You know things that reward the player at the system level as well as monetary gain.

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I actually did grind for some achievements just because I wanted the home screen background. Additional perks and rewards like this could be cool.

I don’t fully agree with this.

I think Sony needs to be more serious about trophies. For example, why do only certain games have Platinums?

Both definitely have room for improvement.

My biggest wish would be a completion badge on profiles (and maybe have an option like on TA on with or without DLC for completion).

I agree about not every game not having a platinum id dumb. The sound it makes when a rare achievement is unlocked is top notch and I know that’s on the newer side of things

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I liked in the 360 era when you got avatar items or even gamer pics and backgrounds for completing achievements. i guess we still have backgrounds for completing achievements if devs put artwork in. I think major thing xbox need is a completion badge


Wow, I had no idea this was a thing. Why wouldn’t they be consistent about that?

Really, my hope is that now that Playstations can track trophy progress too, we see more support for it. The Yakuza games for instance definitely don’t and it sucks.

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Bring back challenges instead lol those were fun. I don’t think we need a platinum equivalent, what would that be, more gamerscore or just a 0 pointer? when we do get “Unlock All Achievements” Achievement they never work right the first time :rofl: Completed games should be easily seen on our profile or achievement page.

Yeah mix it in a bit more with MS rewards and we’ll all win.

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