Xbox needs a studio dedicated to remakes


I usually like to categorize remakes into 2 different categories

1. The first are complete re-imagining. Think Ratchet and Clank 2016, Resident Evil 2 and 3 where you take an old game frame work and build it from the ground up. The encounters play entirely different and even the mechanics may different. Resident Evil 2 had the old fixed camera and tank controls, Resident Evil 2 remake scratched that and had the RE4 Over the shoulder style gameplay etc.

FF7 Remake is probably the most notable recent example of a full re-imagining.

2. The second being a standard remake ei Demon Souls, Spyro, Crash, Tony Hawk basically what Activision has been doing (except Modern Warfare which fits into the former category) taking the same game, mechanics etc and basically updating the visuals

Personally I’m a fan of the former but clearly it takes a lot more work, with option 1 you basically have to rewrite the script, new mechanics, new encounters etc

With option 2 you can still have an amazing remake like Tony Hawk but its essentially the older game with newer graphics, controls etc. same mechanics, story, script etc

MS has so many IP’s now that are clamoring to come back. For me personally (and I think a lot of people may feel the same way) having

Banjo in category 1 ei a re-imagining giving it the Ratchet 2016 treatment

Fallout New Vegas category 2 the game is 10 years old but still has a decent enough frame work to where remaking it with a visual overhaul and polish

Studios like Bluepoint, Vicarious Visions, Toys for Bob etc have been killing it with remakes and remasters. The funny thing is too these aren’t massive studios either. MS needs to capitalize on this now so in a few years we can get at least 1 remake per year. It wouldn’t take very much to open a new studio dedicated to remakes and remasters.


I agree with you and with the IPs they own they could really use one now.

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Asobo and maybe Splash Damage? they’ve been a pretty cool support studios for MS with Splash Damage helping with:

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Gears of War 4 (multiplayer)

Gears 5 (multiplayer)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (PC version)

Gears Tactics

So there’s a tight relationship there already.

Remakes are becoming less important imo, since enhanced BC.


They have amazing backwards compatibility. Churning out remakes shouldn’t be a focus like it is for other platforms.

I do agree a banjo 1&2 remake in the vein of the Spyro/crash remakes could rejuvenate the brand and jumpstart a new game.


I tend to agree with this. Even though there are some games that definitely need a remake. The first that comes to mind to me is Phantom Dust, which IMO would be a very hard task for any team, it is such a unique IP. Technically Bluepoint Games is still indipendent, hopefully MS can reach out to them for titles like that one.

Yes, I would love that. I loved the remakes of Halo 2 and Shadows of the Colossus and I want more:

I would love to see remakes of :

  • Fallout New Vegas (with the content Obsidian had to cut)
  • Lost Odyssey
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Halo 3

Theres too many games that still aren’t right and even the simplest remaster or remake would make a massive difference.

Fable games for example.

This is a superb idea.

Banjo, Lost Odyssey and the like would be home runs if done right.

Hell yeah that’s a great idea! So many IP’s, not enough time or studios to make them.

Splash damage was acquired by Tencent already, unfortunately. Picked up in the Leyou deal if memory serves.

I personally don’t believe any team with the talent amd capability to make new games should be wasting their time on remakes. Would MUCH rather the manpower be spent developing New IP or sequels to existing IP…

Why fighting remakes ? are you guys seriously comparing enhanced bc with full remake ?

Remakes are good, not a lot of players played games like lost odyssey or Banjo also remake won’t cost much as NEW Game to make

Reduced cost and schedule might be good for having next-gen looking content at launch, but bring on the new content.

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Yeah, I’m in general agreement with this and I look at Microsoft’s approach (compared to Sony and Nintendo) with admiration because of the respect to my massive games library, but also because they’ve got a team dedicated to upgrading BC titles without expectation of a financial return. Having said that, some games like New Vegas could really use a remake that does justice to Obsidian’s original vision. So I’m not against a remake from time to time, as long as it’s a full remake - new graphics engine, modernizations, etc. - and Microsoft has a great track record with that arbitrary standard; I don’t think they need a whole studio dedicated to them by any means.

I have not a lot of need for remakes, potentially destroying old games. Better to add more features and games to the back compatibility program.

Lost Odyssey is a very long game with a lot of locations. Redoing all assets, cutscenes and modernizing the gameplay would cost a shit-ton of money.

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Splash Damage is owned by a company Tencent just bought recently.

yeah that sucks :frowning:

I hope they make new games.

I know people like Bluepoint and what they do with Sony but can they actually make something from Scratch??? We dont need remakes or remasters for everything.

I agree that in general, enhanced BC reduces the need for most remakes. There are exceptions. The Halo 2 campaign remake was great. For games made prior to the Xbox 360, remakes make sense. Banjo, Ninja Gaiden or KOTOR?! Bring those remakes on!