Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale | August 14 - August 24 | 500+ items | 'Better late than never'-edition

The long awaited Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale (or Summer Sale) is finally here. This sale is usually mid-July but for some reason Microsoft kept us waiting a bit longer this year. As you can see there is a lot to choose from, including newer releases like Resident Evil 3, Session, Maneater and plenty of BC games as well. This is the list from the official Xbox website for now. When the TrueAchievements list is available I’ll post it here.


Some good stuff here but nothing I’m crazy about. How’s Silent Hills HD collection? I heard it has a lot of problems.

YEEEES FINALLY I waited since the beginning of the year for a season pass deal on We Happy Few YES

Will give my raw thoughts on it in a couple days. Be aware.

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Aye!! Going to check it out

About time! I guess I’ll buy the Bayonetta/Vanquish collection and Halo Wars 2, maybe even Team Sonic Racing. I’ll wait for for Resident Evil 3 and Code Vein to become cheaper.

Silent Hill 2 is (relatively) ok but 3 still has issues, The frame rate is better on Xbox One compared to the 360 version. On SH3 there’s a freezing bug leaving the motel you might get. Konami patched the PS3 version but not the 360 version. If you don’t have the option to emulate on PC then maybe you should get the 360 version.

I don’t need to buy anything since my backlog is already big as it is…

But Bulletstorm for $4?



Finally ticked off Dark souls 3 deluxe and Crash team racing. Bit of a shame no deal on Sekiro.

How is Ghost Recon Wildlands for solo players?

If you like Far Cry 4/5 then it is good fun. Essentially the same deal but with three AI team mates

Cool, thanks!

  • Bulletstorm 3,75€
  • Valkyria 4 7,50€
  • We Happy Few season pass 7,49€
  • Duke Numem 3D 2€

My backlog keeps growing and I’m fine with it.

Was hoping maneater would finally be down to £20 :frowning:

Ah well, any suggestions on games from others here?

Whilst these sales are awesome, I usually find I have like everything. XD

And better gunplay imo :wink: oh and my fav OW.

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Bulletstorm is a steal i think at that price.

There’s stuff i want to buy but i feel like it’ll all come to gamepass. Bayonetta (xbox one version), River City Girls and Team Sonic Racing remaster all feel like locks for gamepass at some point. I already own Bayonetta on Xbox 360 so i don’t feel a need to rush and buy it. Still have Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Final Fantasy 7 to keep me busy for a while.

I keep thinking about buying AC Odyssey. The last AC I played was Black Flag. Not sure if I can still stomach Ubi open worlds, though.

I’m picking up Rise of Nations, haven’t played that in so many years.

Odyssey was a really great game. The open world was done well. Biggest issue to me was some of the non story quests had fetch elements.

Looking at my wishlist, most of it is stuff that isn’t out yet. Everything else I want is on XGP or I own. Lol.