Xbox is now official gaming partner for the England football team

The multi-year partnership covers the Lionesses team, eLions esports team and the Three Lions team, as well as Wembley Stadium.

Xbox has committed to a grassroots gaming campaign with The Football Association, creating exciting experiences for football and gaming fans across the nation.

Xbox and The FA have a shared vision of inclusivity in play. Xbox has long championed the importance of gaming being inclusive, accessible and safe for all, while The FA has a continued commitment to ensuring that all football participants in England have a great experience regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, ability, faith or age. The partnership has been launched with the message: “When Everybody Plays, We All Win”.

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Great, as I said in the other topic, MS should invest big in football partnerships, it’s the most popular sport on the planet, expecially in areas where Xbox is not that big.


Finally Microsoft paying attention to football. I hope they also use the strategy in other countries. Sony’s partnership is very striking at Champions.


Yes! This is what we Europeans have been talking about for a long time now. Still only in the U.K, but soon enough the marketing teams explorers will find the European continent! A few more turns…

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Such a deal like this isn’t going to impact positively UK wide though. England. Not Scotland or Wales who have different national sides and are unlikely to be that positive towards an English national side sponsor.

It’s an interesting deal but isn’t as powerful as Sony’s champions league sponsorship. Sponsoring the World Cup tournament would be better but I can see why they wouldn’t want to considering the Qatar issues don’t exactly jive well with MS 2021.

I know, my point was that the marketing in the U.K (of which England is a part) is much better than in the rest of Europe.

Quatar is a no-go, who would sponsor that slave labour built tournament which reeks of corruption, greed and the death of many workers? Quatar 2022 is horrible.

Yeah exactly. Sponsor the premier league. That is the most watched league worldwide and you have huge exposure in Asia through that. Be a good idea for MS. Also the prime time adds every weekend they’d get on UK and wider TV….

Been screaming for this for ages.

They need to go after the Champions League. Sonys contract ended a few months ago. Not sure if they renewed it. Football sponsorship is a great way to gain mindshare in the EU. FIFA sells 20m copies yearly, engagement is crazy. COD levels of crazy. These people watch football weekly, they watch the CL and the brand becomes synonymous with the game.

Hope this is just the beginning.

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Sony’s partnership with the Champions League is crazy. Every highlight of the competition for the past 20 years has PlayStation stamped somewhere.

Zidane’s volley against Leverkusen in the 2002 final?

Roy Makaay scores Champions League’s fastest goal ever in 2007?

A random goal in 2016?


Sony Owns Europe

Good to see Xbox doing something. Its honestly ridiculous how much Playstation brand is marketed here.

Xbox is healthy in the UK and Ireland, or at least was in the 360 generation (all bets off for Xbox One).

I keep seeing kids wearing xbox branded clothing lately, never saw that before. It’s definitely getting bigger here in UK again.

I wonder how many of billion dollars Microsoft would spend to bite out Sony from that UEFA partnership for some long-term exclusive deal :smirk:

In the uk yeah. English speaking countries xbox does the best. Ms just needs to market in the non English speaking countries. I think xbox biggest markets are us uk and Australia.

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Don’t even need to spend billions Uefa will take any money these days.

This is a very good step into marketing Xbox even more in the U.K.

I’m sure previously a brand has sponsored all the home nation teams.

Just looked it up Vauxhall sponsor England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This would be very good in influencing young kids.

I remember my team Leeds being sponsored by Packard Bell the PC company in the 90’s

My next 3 PC’s ending up being Packard Bell.