Xbox Investment in Japanese Games

To me DRAGON QUEST coming to GP was one of the biggest recent announcements. What about first part Japanese games? Are we going to hear anything? How about a LO and Blue Dragon remaster at least?

Who added the Japan flag? Wasn’t me…


I’d be more than down for a remake of Lost Odyssey, the most under rated jrpg ever, loved it so much after beating it I instantly purchased their other game blue dragon & sadly hated it haha.


To be honest, I expected a (smaller) first party game from Japan at the event. Not with their own studio, but via publishing. That obviously didn’t happen.

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The Dragon Quest announcement was one of my favourite parts of the July show as I’ve been waiting to play it for years. Would love to see some more Japanese big hitters like Persona, Ni No Kuni, Nioh and so on.

Big fan of Blue Dragon & Lost Odyssey and would love sequels but I don’t see that ever happening sadly.

Im for sure excited about Dragon Quest but I would love to see a proper XSX upgrade for Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon

After the interviews I assumed something like that would happen too. And I think it’s long overdue. They need to start working with studios there again.

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I’m more surprised Xcloud isn’t launching in Japan on September 15th! They have two Azure datacenters in Japan, maybe they couldn’t get enough of the Xbox panels installed in time but I agree, I was expecting to see a major Japanese exclusive at the show. Maybe we will see something before the end of the year? Is TGS still happening? Maybe a digital event?

What about… Ninja Gaiden? :star_struck:


If instead of Ninja Gaiden since Koei Tecmo has the ip rights, we’re getting Shinobi by Itagaki…?

That would be awesome as well

who owns the IP to Shinboi? Isn’t it a Playstation title? Perhaps an actual Japanese IP home to Xbox that could return is Otogi, which was developed by Fromsoftware for the OG Xbox.

They need to be aggressive like 360 or even more.

  1. Publish a AAA JRPG project from JP Games or possibly buy them.
  2. Publish a Fire Emblem style project and a new Blinx from Arzest.
  3. Publish a spiritual successor of Ninja Gaiden from Itagaki or possibly buy his studio.
  4. Publish a new horror game from Swery65 or possibly buy White Owl Studios.
  5. Start a new studio headed by Daisuke Fukugawa.
  6. Bankroll the development of Virtua Fighter 6.
  7. Backwards compatibility with Sega and Neo Geo consoles.
  8. Make all Xbox 360 Shmups backwards compatible.
  9. Fund the ports of old and new SMT games.
  10. Exclusive Otogi reboot.

Didn´t From make Ninja Blade for the 360 also?

I was blown away by the inclusion of Dragon Quest XIS, and I’m definitely gonna play through it a third time :grin:

One of my reservations about moving to the Xbox side was for JRPGs, so it was a very nice surprise. Really hope it’s indicative!

I can see why some people don’t like Blue Dragon. I personally find the art style charming.


They need to just buy Suda 51. Buy the rights to him as an individual, and let him go full hog

It’s one banana Michael, how much could it cost? $5?

SEGA owns the SHINOBI rights…

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Yep also. MS can bring them back for OTOGI too…


I want Dragon Quest Builders. Seeing DQXI has given me hope at least.


Not really a fan of DQXI but I did like DQB1&2. I’m hoping we can get Disgaea on Xbox since we’re getting Disgaea 4 on PC Game Pass. I think the Japanese support is getting there. It’s just waaaay slower than we’d like, lol. I would kill for a Lost Odyssey remaster or sequel tho. That’s one of the best JRPGs ever made, ever.