Xbox Games With Gold |OT| Get 'Em While You Still Can

Torchlight is a returning 360 game. There are not thousands of them because they have to be BC, so more like couple hundred of games. But this still should be a big enough selection to not have duplicates. Oh well.

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Very cool. Will def grab Torchlight when available. No interest in the others

Assuming we all got this (email from Xbox), but as of October, Games with Gold will no longer include Xbox 360 games. Doesn’t say if they’ll increase number of other games but I think they might stick with 2 and try to do slightly more desirable ones

Hopefully they improve the games because GWG has been kinda medicore tbh


Yeah I wonder how it will change… Interesting.

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Definitely seems like there’s at least a possibility they can improve - instead of splitting whatever budget they have for this 4 ways, they can split by 2. So even if they were to cut the budget by 25%, they still could spend a bit more for each of the 2 remaining games than what they had been spending. If they don’t cut the budget at all, they can spend ~double per game. :slight_smile: (And yes - I fully understand that the 360 games were probably cheaper than the others since they’re older, so it’s likely not quite as easy math as what I put here, but still the overall point remains)

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Yes, and with only two games each month they can’t really get away with them being crap by saying oh but you get four games bla bla either.

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I just claimed Relicta which actually seems interesting, I’ll give it a go. I’ll try any decent looking first person environmental puzzler to fill just a tiny bit of that Portal shaped hole inside of me

I also recommend claiming and playing Torchlight, it’s the best Diablo-like game that’s not called Diablo, I think it can still be a lot of fun now, so if you have no backlog or something check it out.

Amazing month



And Scourgebringer is the giveaway game on TrueAchievements today.

I swear if this is the one I win….:sweat_smile:


TWO reruns, a former Game Pass game and yeah…


oh no, i bought saints row 2 in one of the last 360 bc sales.

It’s just getting embarrassing now tbh.

This is what they should do with GWG



Games With Gold for August 2022

Whoa, 2 games they’ve already given away

Couldn’t even pony up the go out with a bang for the final 3 months?


Calico is…yeah.

And SR2 while still a good game looks so damn rough. This really could have used a nice enhancemejt patch.

I don’t have high hopes that GwG will improve once they stop having 360 games.

No, those were the decent ones. Well, before they started repeats anyways. You got to keep them too, which was nice.

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360 games you keep forever though. I’m gone to miss 360 games for sure, there sre still a lot of 360 games that i don’t own yet guess i will have to buy them now.