Xbox Games Showcase + SUPER SECRET DIRECT REVEAL | June 9

Clearly the redacted game is Azuriik 2!


Remember: We only a minority of the gaming space, so realistically, CoD Direct is a big statement to the world.


Wolfenstein 3

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It’s the new Call of Duty game. The whole Redacted thing is one of the Black Ops series motifs. I’m looking forward to see what Treyarch can do with 4 years of development time.

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It’s Bloodwake 2!

From the article:

I understand Microsoft has a lot of games to show this year, more than the 2023 showcase. We should expect to hear how the 2025 lineup is looking, with some launch dates for some anticipated Xbox games.

All I need is Avowed. My most anticipated game.

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the article says November

Definitely COD Black Ops with the redacted stuff

Here’s hoping for a id Software game reveal

Shattered Space in Sept, COD in Oct, Avowed in Nov, Indiana in Dec.

That is quite the run lol


Nice. Sunday June 9th at 1pm EST which is exactly what I was expecting and said it would be. Pretty obvious Microsoft always has their showcase the Sunday after Summer Game Fest. And COD being it’s own thing is surprising.

Now give me Gears of War 6 reveal and release dates for Avowed, Indiana Jones and Towerborne and I will be very happy that day!!!


Yeah I know. And that’s all I need. Use the quote because show has more games than the last one. Hope they also extend the show by 30min.

Fan or not, it’s hard to argue against this.


Lmao self aware.


Wouldn’t mind seeing Towerborne get pushed into Early 2025 if that’s the case, it’s 100% gonna get lost if it releases at the end of the year.

That end of the year is absolutely insane, you didn’t even mention Flight Sim, AoM and the Diablo IV expansion.

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Killer Instinct PLEASE

LOL at that hash tag.

Maybe in another 15 years it will be:

#XboxBethesdaActivisionBlizzardSegaUbisoftCapcomFocusSquareShowcase. :rofl:

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Its going to be a fun showcase, however kinda have to stress not to look at any chats during showcases, particularly Xbox ones. Cause the 'Its going to playstation’s trolls and loyalists will be in full effect.

Will we get Phil to clarify the future investment in exclusive games for console or not? Or will a journalist (“Cough” IGN) just ask questions to satisfy clicks and baits?

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Any question is going to get a non answer because they are still figuring it out.

Just enjoy the games.