Xbox Games Showcase & Starfield Direct |OT| SPOILER FREE

Oh snap thanks for the update.

I won’t lie I’m surprised to hear that but hopefully we get it one day, least I’m not expecting it at the show now :+1:

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That would be beyond insanity

My body is ready

Couldn’t agree more, general excitement by Xbox folks does not equal overhyping or overpromising… literally anything. It just means they’re excited to show off what the teams have been working on.

The only people I’ve seen overhype this show have been online denizens and all the influencers/media “confirming” things to be there (when we’ve had no such action that would warrant a word fitting the definition of “confirm”).


Likely fake. Sony has Crash marketing unfortunately.


Yeah CTR I’m pretty was shown off at a Sony event.

Although that’s a bloody good list, and I hope some bits on that list are true. I’d love to see 1v100 return

Hey! I didn’t make this thread for nothing, yknow :joy::joy::joy:


Depends on how the rights are written, considering this is not one of the mainline games (no platforms).

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Also the Compulsion’s game name is really bad :joy:


Sure, I heard the final name would be Project Noon, since the game was delayed.

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My guess is 2024 for Xbox. I’m also expecting Stalker 2 to be delayed to 2024 as well for obvious reasons.

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Here in Europe the Xbox store has Fable 1, 2 3 all on sale. Collection incoming?


The list is fake. It doesn’t predict the shirt and outfit that Phil Spencer and Todd Howard will wear

Also I doubt Gears 6 would show up this early

Gears 5 was 2019 game, The Coalition need to show something

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If Gears 6 isn’t until 2025 or 2026 or if there is no gameplay I don’t think they will show it. It makes sense to show it off next year with gameplay

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Hmm, starting to see posts here about lists and what not. Might be time to take a short break from here, just want to avoid any surprises. Saw that Matty has a new video too about Bethesda leaks, no thank you.

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It’s all fake

and the Matty video is probably just the controller and headset stuff

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They made Hivebusters, Worked with Epic on UE5 stuff, and have supported other studios. Full gears 6 development is recent


It is. Nothing we don’t already know.

I was hoping for a CGI trailer for Gears of War 6 just so it gets announced but with Greenberg saying that there won’t be any CGI, im no longer hoping for Gears of War 6.