Xbox Game Studios |OT9| How many games would a game studio make if a game studio could make games?

Damn they gotta support all those platforms :confused_wat:

Not gonna lie, I listened to this clip while picturing him talking like that to Sony fanboys back in the day. Knowing he wasn’t the biggest Sony fan, lmao.

“A BladeRunner game”


Blade Runner immersive sim by Arkane is a very attractive sequence of words.


I know Sam Lake has said that the studio doesn’t want to work on licensed properties. But I want Remedy to make an exception and give us a Blade Runner game.

I was thinking about what’s next for Arkane Lyon after DEATHLOOP.

And I know what I want : a reboot of Dishonored set in Japan. Or more like a feudal, Orwellian dystopia, retro-future steampunk Japan-like (like Dunwall was a neo-Victorian steampunk version of England and London).

With Shinobis/Ninjas, political intrigues and conspiracies, superpowers and some supernatural new religion messing with people like for the Outsider.

Alongside a TV series to expand massively the audience.

And keep the whales as supernatural creatures in the Void.

Actually, Dishonored was envisionned and pitched by Bethesda to be set in feudal Japan when they approached Arkane. Someone had killed your master and you were a ninja seeking revenge.

Smith and Colantonio ultimately counter-pitched with Europe and London at the time because they didn’t know much about feudal Japan and were more inspired/passionate by victorian London:

But who knows, maybe 2022’s Arkane would be passionnante about Dishonored Japan. Especially since the ZeniMax group has since acquired a Japanese studio with Tango Gameworks who can provide insights and add their touch (didn’t play Ghostwire Tokyo yet but seems the world was very well realized). A collaboration between Tango and Arkane Lyon to combine their strenghts would be really cool.

All in all, I think that Dishonored has a massive potential as a franchise to return thanks to Game Pass and I hope that Arkane Lyon and Bethesda seize the opportunity to bring back the franchise.


Funny watching all the fake self righteous “anger” from this.

:rofl: Who is telling these people how most of current AAA games are made with the massive help of AI?


Yeah, a lot of the discourse that happens makes it seem many don’t know the process of developing games. I was baffled seeing the outrage on social media

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Infinity ward is apparently making their own destiny like game. :thinking:.

Imo Xbox should grab a lot of support studios for halo, the next halo should be massive and have a lot of funding towards it.


Weren’t they making a RPG as well?

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I think you guys are talking about the same thing


Yeh that’s the one.

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FPS RPG is one that is kinda hard for me to wrap my head around sometimes. Like I doubt we’re getting a Fallout style game from Infinity Ward. I have to imagine that it liens more toward action than anything else, so an FPS with RPG mechanics?

Also curious how much overlap it’ll have with Zenimax Online’s game.


A FPS RPG from Infinity Ward sounds incredible, I think Infinity Ward are the absolute best at FPS and if we could get a RPG with FPS look and feel of COD that would be amazing.


Probably a destiny like. Activision probs wanted to get back into it after losing destiny


Also what is the real reason for a slow halo content rollout. Is the engine really that bad?. Is there that much technical debt?.

Ah, i see. So it very likely will be something online focused? Don’t know why I assumed singleplayer.

Probably a safe assumption, it’s Activision :stuck_out_tongue:

I cannot be the only one that noticed how it’s been radio silent ever since E3 when it comes to Starfield. Nothing at GC or TGS either. Last year we found out about the amount of dialogue and the Japanese dubs for it. Ever since E3 last year I think we had monthly or so updates with concept art, into the Starfield doc videos. But after last E3 there has been nothing but silence. I get that they are working on finishing the game, but that doesn’t mean the marketing team can’t have some updates here and there.

At the end of the day it’s not a huge deal or anything, it’s not that I want to see tons more footage perse, but just some updates wouldn’t hurt. I guess they ran out of concept art to show and they probably want to give significant info drops for closer to release I’m guessing.

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