Xbox Game Studios |OT9| How many games would a game studio make if a game studio could make games?

Both are bad, mostly because people don’t usually understand how either works, you don’t hear people speculate on how open heart surgery is performed and how they should actually be doing, or something a bit more related, you don’t really hear how TV shows or movies should be shot or how some stunts could be done better if they did Y.


The discussions are ok, the problems are the uninformed demands.


I heard someone on a podcast recently say they should have known Starfield would have been delayed a year in advance and should have hired more people and thrown more money at the game to make sure it did not get delayed.


Many gamers are totally convinced of their own superiority on these issues.

I feel as if there are quite a few people here who would 100% agree with that podcaster.


Now this is a cool trailer for FH5, just gonna day it, I think the marketing and everything around FH5 has been a massive success and it shows they can market things right sometimes, just need more of FH5 style.


I think they’re equally shit. Armchair devs, who’ve never touched a line of code in their lives, are just as bad as armchair gamebiz analysts… for the same reasons. A certain technical comparison site having the gall to suggest a dev should do x without having any clue as to what extent it’s already been tried and conflicted with another element of the engine, for example, is just as perfect example as any.

I’m pretty sure I could point them out in a lineup :wink:


It is an adventure game. Not an rpg at all.

Technical for sure. Tools of tech are far from standardized and destined to fuck up. There are at least certain standardized levels of business education and theory that can be applied as an outsider looking in to MS.

Granted, that also requires years of business education which few “gamers” have and acknowledgments of difference in culture and strategy. I can assess whether MS’s marketing strategy is aligned with what they have publicly communicated as well as what has been leaked by insiders. What I don’t have is access to their corporate strategy, first hand knowledge of the states of several games and their milestones or the knowledge required to accurately assess how they’re meeting their goals. I’m also a marketer meaning I can give educated guesses on how their PR, Marketing, Sales, Comms and Events efforts are going. Don’t expect me to know shit about their supply chain management, accounting, HR, etc.

With tools, we are virtually all shooting in the fucking dark here, even the devs. You can know Unreal inside and out, go to work at Ninja Theory, and end up befuddled at what they did to that engine alone, let alone be able to speak on any authority about Slipspace or Creation.


I think it is non-linear quest basically.

Shocker, having a microphone doesn’t make you smart


Watching reactions to the Xbox Showcase has really hammered this home… Even looking beyond the morons, I can’t believe how uninformed people who have this as their job are.


You will probably still have announcements at Game Awards as well as Gamescom and maybe even X0 events if they bring it back.

I think about this quote literally every day:

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” ― Upton Sinclair,

We live in a time where dumb or disingenuous takes pays the bills.


Sad but true.


The thing that drives me the most crazy is when a media member from a big outlet or channel says they “might buy / play” a major game or console as if they have a choice. If you can’t be bothered to buy the console or play the major game releases then you have no business being in the media.

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TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge and Streets of Rage 4 got me thinking about Battletoads.

I finished Battletoads last month and it’s a mixed bag of greatness and disappointment.

The visuals are fantastic (like with Streets of rage 4 I was turned off by the screenshots but fell in love once I started playing it). The audio is great. I did not mind the story and humour and actually found it interesting enough, though this is a subjective topic.

I found many aspects of the movement and combat to be pretty good, though I think the controls could have been implemented better. It could be argued that some of the combat and it’s control implementation is needlessly complex.

But the gameplay itself strayed from the classics far too much. It ultimately played like a serviceable beat em up. If there’s any one title it should have taken from it’s the arcade version.

Disregarding the difficulty, the originals featured a lot of original ideas centered around the core gameplay. I saw a lot of interesting mini games in the new one but I wish I creativity was put into the core gameplay design in terms of levels and combat scenarios.

Back to TMNT, everything about the game is immediately familiar. Disregarding the inviting and familiar visuals, that game plays like how we all expect it to. The levels are arranged like we expect it to. I wish Battletoads went down that road.

So to be clear I’m not talking about the visual style, I’m more than ok with a completely new style. While Streets of Rage 4 looks radically different from the previous games but the game plays like a true sequel. TMNT could have had any artstyle and if it played the same, it would still be highly acclaimed. But like Sonic Mania, it’s smart to go with a nostalgic style that’s easily marketable.

It’s a shame. I think there could have been a game here that’s fondly looked at like SoR4 and TMNT. And in so many areas it does so many things right.


It doesn’t effect me but sad to see Korean not one of the languages supported. I know xbox has a good following in south korea but great to see Japanese and Chinese listed. Good steps towards getting games into the hands of more eastern gamers.

I thought Battletoads was pretty good for Dlala’s first game. I’d like to see them get another crack at it. The more studios supporting high quality 2D handdrawn the better.

Im also willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for their first effort. The devs of games like SOR4 and TMNT have been doing it longer than Dlala. I am interested in seeing where the studio goes from here.