Xbox Game Studios |OT9| How many games would a game studio make if a game studio could make games?

I don’t want inXile wasted on remakes or remasters.


Good news is they are working on a new IP. Who knows what these remasters entail and they can also be nice projects for newer producers and devs to work on to get experience to help on the new IP.

Yup there’s a bunch of reasons to do remakes and remasters - Naughty Dog is remaking The Last of Us because they needed a smaller transition project to get used to the next gen engine tech.

If InXile working on a remake/remaster means they can work on a new Fallout game one day then I am all for it. Since I do hope we can get a new Fallout game this generation.

It does cross my mind that there is the smallest of possibilities they want to utilise the Creation Engine for a project and this (if real) could be a plan to get them trained for working on it.
Now on the one hand - Creation Engine 2.0 is not a commercial engine, it’s not made for outside use and it’s likely been specialised for Bethesda’s specific needs on Starfield - but on the other hand if they wanted to move into full open world RPGs it seems a fitting choice for them and if there’s talk of Obsidian making a Fallout game it would presumably be on Creation Engine so surely outside teams working on it is not outside the realm of possibility. Plus custom engines are expensive, opening that up to Inxile and Obsidian could lighten that load.
But yeah, pinch of salt on that speculation.


As we get closer to the summer show, I came across this thread again:

Hope we get this level of detail in the NPCs in Avowed, I’m currently playing the Murder on eridanos DLC in Outer Worlds and something about the way the characters look is so off putting to me, the hair looks like plastic but I understand it wasn’t really a big budget game, hope Avowed looks much different that though.

I didn’t think about that. That is really interesting and that actually could be a good way for InXile and Obsidian to get used to using the Creation Engine by starting off with a remaster or reboot for a game. Since that would be a way for all of the studios to collaborate and share tech with each other if they are familiar with the engine.

Inxile working on Fallout is speculation I posted in here a few months back.

Makes so much sense and keeps the franchise in the minds of gamers.

My speculation is the game is a spin off thsts a CRPG, like the originals.

InXile are not working on Fallout.

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I’m all for remasters but I just wonder in what ways it will be. A remaster usually used to be higher resolution and framerate and done, right?! But then fame Spyro and Crash and both looked more like remakes to me, visually that good and not just a higher resolution while character models stayed the same.

Wonder if we’re looking at that. Because again, we already have all the games in 4K/60fps. Well maybe New Vegas isn’t, not sure.

If they were to make a brand new one I don’t think MS would ignore the opportunity for a mainline one or like a spin off but in first person like 3, NV and 4. For console I think those kind of games are just much more popular. Then again, I’m obviously also speaking for myself. :wink:

Interesting to see that Nick heard the TES VI details as well.



Why would they be hiring for a new IP fps RPG then? There was also this:

Matty covers the stuff from yesterday and he has a point.

We know about a Pve/PvP game for a while now, we knew via a real photo that TES VI would be set in Hammerfell, we pretty much knew about Quake, only the details for TES VI. Those are new. And the remasters bit, if true about inXile.

He says a lot of people don’t know how easy it is to verify if someone is in the know. Says he’s leaked stuff for, Aspyr, Bethesda, Xbox in the past and that’s because people have sent credentials. Information only they would have access to and proof that they are part of the system that would hold this type of information.


Whatever happens, the next phase of Bethesda projects (after Redfall and Starfield) is going to be very interesting.

Pre-acquisition, we would be getting announcements for many of those projects this year (based on prior Bethesda reveal to release timelines), but post-acquisition, who knows how they will roll stuff out. The only things we know about officially are Indiana Jones (I imagine this is the next game after Redfall and Starfield) and TES VI, which is at least 4 years away.

There’s a lot of studios with a lot of projects and a lot of time to fill.

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I don’t understand the Rumors about Project Wyrmwood. Skullzy said it’s a 4x strategy game based on Elder scrolls IP. Nick said It will be a RTS like Age of Empires. It’s a really big difference.

It could just be some crossed wires. Seems like Nick and Skullzi have different sources, so they might not know the same information. Maybe they’re still prototyping and haven’t settled on the final gameplay systems yet. Or it has elements of RTS and 4X.

The Elder Scrolls VI will be massive


I think they’re rumored to be working on a steampunk RPG. Maybe they’re doing both that and the Fallout remakes.

If true I wouldn’t mind them being made in the old CRPG style. They’d be interesting to play.

Where’s that art from?

I could see that, I just can’t see them making s completely new Fallout game in the CRPG style when they’ve been hiring for fps for their new RPG.