Alleged art design of an enemy in Avowed

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This game is gonna be cool. Can’t wait to see more :smiley:

Yes Baby. Give me more

I would believe it, looks good.

Give me the full force of dark fantasy. As good as the Witcher world is. I prefer the more magical stuff and less realistic.

To think about it:

Avowed = dark high fantasy

Fable = colourful high fantasy with dark humor

Great contrast if you ask me.

It is a bit old and was done on Unreal Engine 4

The artist behind it is Craig Matchet, Lead Character Artist at Obsidian.

There are other couples characters art related to Avowed.

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Wow, didn’t know that. The artworks you posted are crazy good. Really hope the Avowed will be a mix of heroic/high and dark fantasy.

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Really excited for Avowed and Fable. Fantasy RPGs are the best :heart:

Enjoy! Go at the link there are a lot more pics of the characters I posted. There are under Unreal Engine 4 like I said and Avowed will be on UE 5 so it will be even better.

I can also link other work on characters potentially linked to Playground Fable project if you want. They are also mind blowing. I just need to get back to the link.

That looks awesome. If they can nail the combat, it will be amazing.

And there was none for YEARS! …

If Im not mistaken they recruited the guy from Sony Santa Monica responsible for the combat for their last game unless I mix with Inxile. Either way the guy is in XGS now lol. Both studios (all of XGS I would say) have hired insane talent for their big ambitious projects.

Yes we can expect it to be Dark Fantasy since it is set in Eora, Pillars Of Eternity universe.

Take a look at these games they are really great if you love CRPGs.

I haven’t been this excited for a game since Skyrim. This art, if true, looks awesome. The reveal trailer was amazing.

Yes the last one was The Witcher 3. We will have many fantasy RPGs next gen but hopefully not all of them set in medieval Europe.

I think he works for InXile not Obsidian, but still InXile and Obsidian are close to each other.

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Those pictures up there are definitely right up my alley in terms of setting! I want to rock that red and white knight armor. And the colors on the lady is one of my favorite armor schemes. Something about blue white and gold just does it for me lol

I was excited when the trailer was shown and I became ecstatic after the details Sponger gave on the game. Now of course nothing is official on that, but if the game ends up having all that? Hoo boy.

Obsidian might prove to be one of the most important new studios of Xbox, but I don’t want to underestimate inXile either, especially after what…again…Sponger said about it. The wait will be long, but that’s OK. It could light a fire up Bethesda Game Studios’s ass and there is nothing wrong with that and only good can come from it.

Yeah thanks for the rectification indded InXile and yes they are close to each others. All XGS studios share tech and knowledge and it is great initiative to let them work together to strenghthen the whole.

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