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Really where did Jeff say that?

A crackdown spin off could be cool if they move in the right direction. I think Gears has already been split into too many things.

I personally would love if QB kept that universe alive with a spin-off

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One of his twitch streams, maybe a week or so ago?

The spin off is…

Enemy Territory: Doom



If we really get 5 new AAA game announcements than this year is lit.

My guess what they could be from most likely to less likely.

  1. Forza horizon 5
  2. Typhoon
  3. Wolfenstien 3
  4. Project omen
  5. Compulsions game
  6. Zenimax game
  7. Double fines multiplayer game
  8. Ioi dragon game
  9. Kojimas next game
  10. Bungies next game

1 is a lock, 2-4 is at least somewhat likely 5 and beyond seam very unlikely to me. We could be in for some surprises.


If we get 1-5 Im a happy camper and if the Kojima thing isnt total smoke we get something this E3 surely I think unless its saved for the TGS.

Yeah this is a good list. I suppose there could be other Wildcard publishing projects they’ve kept hidden that we could see.

Nothing is a lock until it’s announced, imo. But I agree that there’s a lot of smoke around the FH5 discourse. Regardless, it seems like we’ll likely be pretty happy with the E3 showing, as long as your expectations remain in check, seeing as Covid is still a thing.

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Guys I had a weird dream about a new Fallout game from Obsidian lol I can’t really remember much but the the game was around vault 417, not sure if that’s some actual vault or anything. It was so weird.

and here is why they announce games with CGI early, like it’s said before it’s really not for us it’s to show people something cool to work on, not only that but to stop the leaks and questions on who is working on what.


Considering season 7 flighting for mcc ended already I have a strong suspicion that’s gonna be an e3 drop I’m calling it now

the only things i expect on Xbox+Bethesda Showcase:

Halo Infinite, Starfield, Forza Horizon 5 or Motorsport and maybe Wolfenstein 3. :slightly_smiling_face:

Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo appear to be at State of Play. Idk if it will appear at the Bethesda Showcase…

I doubt it since both Xbox and bethseda seem to be mashed together now



It seemed Klob mentioned new IPs. Wolfenstein and Forza are existing ones.

Btw psychonauts 2 it’s gonna have a physical game release? I’d love to buy one copy. :giphy:

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He said state of decey 3 is a new game for last year so he meant a new game not a new ip.

IDK, being an indie project from Kickstarter, I’d assume only limited run (or similar things) were in the cards, maybe now with MS publishing…but they aren’t really big into physical releases nowadays, only big games got boxed releases, not even Ori got more than a LRG release.

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PSA: Forza Motorsport 7 and its DLCs are now on sale in the Microsoft Store. If it follows FM6 steps, the game might be delisted in October. Maybe things will change this time since Turn10 stepped away from biennial releases to focus on next-gen Forza Motorsport, but who knows…


this is why i don’t believe FM platform plans for entire gen, you will always run into issues with licensing.