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Does “more expected” mean things like Starfield? I was going to ask about the others but then I would rather be surprised. It is only a few weeks away.


Is it just me or does this read like @Klobrille is hinting he may already know 5 of ‘the new titles to be announced this sumner’?

Either way, great to know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I had a thought about the “spin off” of a niche Xbox franchise… … I remember Klobrille talking about Playful making a Rare game, but not something like Banjo or anything else, I remember him specified it was like the “fifth” franchise you’ll think about when you say “Rare”.

So I asking myself : is the spin off game the Playful game he was teasing back in the day ? I always thought it would be interesting to see Viva Pinata coming back as a adventure / platformer game.

wolfenstein 3 maybe? Also we could see what zenimax online has been working on for the past three years

even if they made basically a remake of viva pinata it would do really well imo, especially if it came to mobile and switch

Probably Compulsion’s next game.


I definitely agree that gameplay should have a bigger presence, but will it? From a few others we’ve heard that there supposedly is a bigger focus on that, is that what you’ve heard as well?

You are either not reading what I have said, nor trying to. So, I’ll leave it here .

The controller mapping should be possible - and will NOT be practical. Whenever a port is to be done, expect two things – 1. Controller support, and 2. M+KB support to appear alongside too.

AoE has always been designed to overwhelm your control skills for mass management-- even for the slowest speed settings.

Just saying these AoE players and Adam Isgreen’s opinion don’t matter is just a bad faith conversation, now.
“Let us all look to Paradox for AoE controls. Surely they know more about AoE than all these shills from XGS and Relic.” /s

FFS, man. :man_facepalming:t4:


I mean, even Jez Corden wrote a full article about the holes in their “pc and console equal full support” marketing the games I mentioned were also mentioned by him.

I think There will be more than typhoon project from xgsp
And i don’t think there will be wolfenstein 3 jeff Grubb said he is doubtful about Wolfenstein 3 will be in E3 2021, but he is wishing to see it.

All Fables were open world… just not in the conventional sense. More Zelda like.


Omen, FH5 , Typhoon, spin off game from known xbox ip and another game ? oh yeah Compulsion games. i guess there is a chance for Zenimax online to announce their game here

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Yo fuck yeh

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What IP can realistically have a spin off under the circumstances

Gears and Crackdown

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An essay dedicated to our forum and E3:

Show us hopes and dreams

but show us gameplay,

also with new Japanese creations,

and no cgi

but also show us your 3-4 year roadmap

and preferably only gameplay for those future games too

and some Dino Crisis

and a few partnerships to rival SE-Sony

and some Kojima too

and still no cgi - we need Kojima’s vision now

and .maybe 30seconds of Halo and Starfield combined

and maybe 5 more seconds for AoE and Forza

and maybe a photo of Miyazaki just for kicks,

and a showing of Matter’s logo,

and maybe a publisher or two in the bag,

and Crackdown 4 with the power of the cloud,

and a full reveal of Indy’s fedora,

and …


PS- I don’t have poetry skills, yet. So, this is just an essay.


We’ve already seen Halo Wars, Gears Tactics, and Minecraft Dungeons in recent years. Nuts & Bolts would probably be considered a spin-off of Banjo. It seems like there are tons of possibilities.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Sea of Thieves adventure game. But if it’s an older franchise then a full blown action adventure game under the Crimson Skies moniker would be spectacular. Or maybe some twist on Mech Assault to bring that back without worrying about the rights?

I’ll be shocked if we don’t see wolf 3 despite what any insider may say.

I want this.

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