Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

Microsoft wants to use machine learning to improve poor game textures | Windows Central “You were talking about machine learning and content generation. I think that’s going to be interesting. One of the studios inside Microsoft has been experimenting with using ML models for asset generation. It’s working scarily well. To the point where we’re looking at shipping really low-res textures and having ML models uprez the textures in real time.”

what studio do you think it is ?

It could be interesting if Hellblade 2 for example work with 540p assets that Series X can upscale in 1440p for example, devs can add a lot more effects/ai/ray tracing

DLSS and DirectML is basically saying : yes, resolution doesn’t matter anymore.

MVG on Twitter: “Yo” / Twitter



Seems like a waste of power IMO. The only benefit would be decreasing installation size? Would be cool for backwards compatibility though.

If MS have a hardware dedicated for ML it’s not a waste of power I think

Like they can use this part of HW (equivalent tensor core) for upscale texture and add better density or ray tracing imo

There is no dedicated hardware like Nvidia has. ML will run on the CUs so using it is always a trade off.

Xbox specifically talked about being able to use ML as it’s something special So I assume their CU’s are better suited for ML or previous consoles weren’t able to do it at all?

  • DirectML is what im looking forward to down the line because it will then allow developers the opportunity to get 60FPS with Ray Tracing and HDR.

  • Crackdown 3 is dead as it should be. Hasn’t been any good since the first game. Let it go. And liking it doesn’t mean it’s a good game. See Mad Max (for me).

  • ReCore could be a solid AA franchise but the game overall needs to be better and most of all, not have any grinding to it as that’s what turned me off to continue playing once I found that out.

  • Not expecting any Bethesda related stuff unless it’s Deathloop/Ghostwire Tokyo until after the acquisition is legally finalized in 2021.

  • My prediction for Halo Infinite news is December 22nd.

Regarding The Game Awards, im expecting the following -

  • Psychonauts 2 new trailer and release date
  • Gears 5 gameplay trailer for the Hivebusters DLC…release date will be the next day (12/11) or the following Tuesday (12/15)
  • Hellblade 2 story trailer followed by a gameplay trailer…2022 ends the video

Would be weird for the end of year blog post on halo way point then to do another one 5 days later

Crackdown will definitely be back, but not for awhile. Let it rest for a bit.

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This is what was said back in in the HotChips presentation about ML :

The fact they talk about small area cost may indicate dedicated hardware.


Correct me if im wrong but didn’t 343 say that Halo Infinite info would be unrelated to their weekly update? I wouldn’t combine it with Halo MCC updates. I would definitely do it separately if it was up to me.

I agree…let it rest for a bit…like for the rest of eternity. lmao. :rofl:

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Yes, we know…

Yes, they said that the big update for Infinite would be separated.

Hope you know that im just messing with you. :grinning:

yeah more like 30 years of sleep.

MS Have the data if CD 3 Playtime on GP is high Then they consider it. there is more IP worth to invest in it than CD IP at the moment.

i won’t be surprised if it managed worse playtime than tell me why IP (a game cost them less to make)

Correct but I don’t think it will be after that end of the year community update

Perhaps but I would think that they would prefer to end the year with Halo Infinite news instead of a community update for Halo MCC.

EDIT: You said it was 5 days earlier. Maybe they have a tease at the end of the community update that Thursday for a Halo Infinite news the following Tuesday. Do a little something to get everyone excited for what it could be.

Especially after how much MS and From collaborated on the OG xbox and the 360. I always thought that they should have grabbed Sekiro and that could be Xbox’s "Bloodborne ".

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We’ll see