Xbox Game Studios |OT2| It's pronounced "Krayg" not "Kreg"

This isn’t meant to be a serious dig at PlayStation, but I do find this aspect to a number of their games funny:

  • The Last of Us - Post-apocalypse/USA

  • Days Gone - Post-apocalypse/USA

  • Death Stranding - Post-apocalypse/USA

  • Horizon - Post-post-apocalypse/USA

All third-person, action/adventure titles with a focus on narrative. I’m glad that Xbox is investing into a diversity of genres, narratives and different kinds of gameplay.


Death Stranding such a flop that Sony has never given out any sort of sales milestone for it or any acknowledgement.

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I think immersive sims both first and third person should be a pillar. Think Deus Ex, System Shock, Thief etc.

RPGs influenced by KOTOR, Jade Empire.

2d RPGs influenced by Paper Mario, Metroid.

2D and 3d platformers that copy Mario.

This would be a great party to follow for XGS


I mean if they look at Sony, then say games like Ico, Shadow of the colossus would be a great reference.


I like the fact MS is going heavy into Western RPGs, I find myself totally immersed into those type of games.


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lol what happened to let the dev make what they want. the thing you say about Sony Action/Adevnture genre can be said for MS how many RPGs are coming from MS ?






So same genre but different coat right ?

get a grip people if you don’t like what you get then vote with your wallet




I’d like to have some 3rd person action adventure games from Microsoft. If some of you don’t like that genre, you could easily skip it, but let us get what we want. If Sony makes it, so what?

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I’ve just bought the new Echo Dot since it’s been discounted for Black Friday. Does anyone in here have it and use it with the Xbox? How seamlesly are the voice comands?

That’s three studios. One of which makes a game in an entirely different genre. Throw in InXile and you have four RPG teams—of 23 total internal development houses. So no, your comparison isn’t really applicable. Telling people to “get a grip” when we’re just having a casual conversation is a bit much as well. Maybe get the stick out of your ass? Developers can make what games they choose, but maybe it’s up to the publishers to acquire studios that make different kinds of games. Just a thought. :grin:


Hopes Jez / Brad dig into this …


Lol oh boy here we go


It’s not about the amount of many studios lol it’s about disliking a genre just because Sony does it or saying hey i want to MS to be different than Nintendo or Sony that not how business work . i don’t care what type of game MS will make. and no shit publishers have a matter what to say and what go through or not…lol if studios wanted to make board video game then that is fine there is crowd for this type of genre… it’s simple if i like it then i will buy it.

I guess it’s just that it’s high time action adventure as a genre is separated from this characteristic over the shoulder walk and talk look at the grass game with long ass cinematics every two minutes. Sekiro is an action adventure, yet it had absolutely none of that above blockbuster bs and is still phenomenal. Same with Zelda BOTW, although it has lite rpg elements I would consider it as an action adventure.

So if we wanted more third person action adventures, it’s not necessary that they be structured and directed in the same way these Sony first party games are, doesn’t mean story shouldn’t be important or that cinematics and high fidelity aren’t important, but there’s a vast spectrum of expression outside the typical blockbuster format even within the same genre. But there’s no problem in wanting similar experiences, so that’s where I expect studios like Ninja Theory and Compulsion to bring in these AAA third person blockbuster audiences.

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