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Imagine release date announced at TGA and they put adverts for it during the World Cup final

Would make it one of the best TGAs in years, even more so if they show a new or already announced but not shown game.

I noticed that The Initiative’s website no longer has a career section, how long have they had this change for? are they no longer hiring?


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Seems odd but the whole thing of The Initiative is they have remained relatively small and focused on key roles while outsourcing the bulk of the work to CD - maybe that has left thing in a position to not need a typical open role call for positions? I mean even if they needed to fill some roles a lot of that would be handled through CD presumably.

Could be the hiring freeze at MS is still going on?

Probably removed the careers page during the MS wide hiring freeze. Some of the studios are also not hiring atm so I guess there is still a partial freeze.


Maybe they finalizing that TGA trailer :stuck_out_tongue:

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That would be awesome.

Can anyone explain why they would hold back? Why would regulators care if MS were to show a previously announced game?

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I really hope xbox shows up.

Well, Sony allegedly delayed their showcase too and still got Silent Hill 2 remake announced and Microsoft literally used it in its response to CMA.


That would be extremely disappointing, especially after Xbox’s second half of the year.

But that’s a timed exclusive by a studio they don’t own. MS would just be showing a game that’s been announced in 2019 for example…

I’m also seeing clowns claiming there’s rumors that MS will delay Starfield until ABK closes. Some people truly don’t want Xbox players to just enjoy a game. Time to log off from Twitter.

It would fucking suck big time.

I have no idea when Starfield is gonna be released but the later the better - more bugs will be fixed. Hope this time it won’t require unofficial patch :joy:

How does holding back reveals make a difference with regulators ?

Well, as I referenced before - it allows to put more arguments into “they have this game and this game” or “you can see that Redfall and Starfield that have been just released are exclusive” and so on. :man_shrugging:

That would be a bummer if true

But what if the ABK deal doesn’t close before June 2023,…MS will just hold off with having E3 too?

Surely they won’t do that, but still.

And it just doesn’t make sense to me. Anyone that does a Google search can find out that Starfield and Redfall are for Xbox and PC.