Xbox Game Studios |OT10| Here are the games

Where did everyone get monthly videos from, I said quarterly - one every 3 months :sweat_smile: Which lines up nicely because the likes of Fallout and soon to be Halo (and probably more) run on 3 month seasons already. They could have smaller showcases to highlight these updates, talk about the new games coming out or major game pass additions. I mean, they certainly could do with having more than they have now - half the reason I think we could see a decent showing from Microsoft at the TGA’s this year is they have a packed first half of 2023 planned and nowhere to really showcase that content till E3.

I do agree that they can have the shows more often, but the problem is that it seems like a lot of developers and publishers like to release game trailers during other shows and so on. We saw Wo Long, Lies of P, Atomic Heart, Redfall multiple times already.

Considering the release the schedule we could have a single quartely show with

  • Wo Long
  • Atomic Heart
  • Redfall
  • Lies of P

gameplay. And maybe some other games. And all these games are Game Pass games BTW too so it would be a Game Pass Show. If we add some live updates it could be a solid 30-45m show.

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My original post did say they’ll have enough GaaS content to release something every month so I assumed you meant they’ll make a direct every month lol

EA Play multi year contract?

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And Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn!!!

I am not even sure when this game is coming out considering that there is close to none marketing.

Early 2023. So the first three or four months.

It’s too bad Bleeding Edge never took off.


It was a decent premise but impossible to play solo.


The soundtrack was a banger though

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I think they should promote this week on Xbox more, as it does just this with all things coming to Xbox weekly.

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GTA 6 baby!


You would call a lengthy gameplay trailer in the Xbox showcase close to no marketing? Not to mention the announcement trailer that came out before that?

Marketing for every game picks up when a release date is announced and then again in the weeks leading up to launch. We’ve seen this happen time and time again. Just be patient.

Also, Xbox is not responsible for marketing third-party games, even those with Game Pass deals. It’s on Kepler Interactive at the end of the day.

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So the new ZOS game, what do we know about it?

I remember a while ago that there was a bit of info on their new project, such as that it would have vehicles of some sort. And it very likely will be a MMO too. It’s a new IP. What else do we know?

Sci-fi, vertical traversal, New engine(but considering creation engine 2, could just be hero engine 2 or whatever they call it), has been in the works for 4 years and that’s pretty much all I know.

The thing about it being at work for 4 years though is that ESO supposively began development around the same time as Skyrim.

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Sounds very exciting and I’m not even super big on MMO, assuming it’s MMO but I’d be shocked if it’s SP.

I wonder about exclusivity. Could be one of the things Phil meant when he said there were some things left during the roundtable.

I don’t think so as the game hasn’t been announced, and unless Bethesda made some sort of deal with Sony before they were acquired. Microsoft is unlikely to have the game on Playstation, as it would be a new IP or something they want to associate with Xbox and PC.


And rightfully so too. This is how you attract more and more folks to your service.

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Regarding the insanely low priced FH4+FH5 bundle last week…

Just received this.


I’m sure consumer law would come in somewhere. They sold you the goods at a marked price. That’s a contract.