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We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one. There was nothing remotely bland about Quantum Break and it will remain a game with unrealized potential had MS decided to do something with the IP.

I actually wonder if it’s leaving gamepass because MS decided to give the IP back to Remedy like Alan Wake. Then they go on to make a multiplatform sequel that everyone loves because it no longer has the “xbox stink”( like what happened with Control which literally looks like QB 2.0) because lets face it, a lot of the "consensus " on QB was tainted by the unpopular console it was on. Most people ignored it’s graphics because “lol 900p” or whatever, and there are other third person so called “cinematic” games I can name that doesn’t have half as good a gameplay loop but got lauded by the press.

Hey if returning the IP and allowing it to go multiplatform gets a re-release or a sequel, I’m on board with that that.

So with the Bethesda name missing from the Xbox Games Showcase in June, do we think this is just a permanent name change and they wont be using Bethesda’s name in the title in events from now on but they’ll still be there? Is that maybe a sign Bethesda won’t be showing off or revealing anything outside of the Starfield direct that day? Maybe it’s gonna be XGS + 3rd Party Partners in June and possibly Bethesda has something separate later in the year, they do want more shows spread out throughout the entire year.

This is market rebranding 101, the first year or two you use the Old Brand along with the New Brand. After that time window you only use the New Brand.

I expect after the ABK acquisition the next two years of shows will be Xbox+ABK Showcase and then it will simply become “Xbox Showcase”.


That makes sense, Xbox + ABK + Bethesda Games Showcase would be a bit much. Everyone pretty much gets that Bethesda is Xbox now so there’s no need to make the name longer anymore.

I’m hoping this is it

People need to get used to Bethesda = Xbox now


May be the only way it happens unfortunately. Hopefully this gen we don’t get any “one and done” IPs like the Xbox One gen. In a perfect world right now we would be looking forward to QB 2, Ryse 2 and Sunset Overdrive 2 among other games.

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God what a perfect world that’d be I loved Sunset Overdrive too (haven’t played Ryse yet).

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Why hasnt there been any talk about the FH5 Rally DLC that dropped a couple days ago. Xbox’s best exclusive got a big dlc and crickets :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I am loving it…

But here on Era, many are not interested in the game anyway.

Also, it is more of the same Forza horizon. If one like Forza they will love this DLC. But if they don’t, their is nothing much new in it for others to talk about it.

It is similar with sea of theievs.

This site is somewhat disconnected with two of the most successful franchise of xbox in recent years. Wierd, right?


There’s a thread here ICYMI


Rallies are my least favourite aspect of Forza.

:point_right: :point_left:

I’m loving it, I so wish the team would be able to make a sequel to Rallisport 2. I miss the days of the fun arcade rally games

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Racing games are fundamentally not talked about a lot. It is what it is.

I think the Rally DLC is quite good. Its missing some famous cars and its not really the thrilling and narrow rally tracks you get in Dirt Rally but its more approachable and fun.

i hope the next forza changes a bit the formula cause its getting a bit stale. And fix that pop in.


I feel there’s not much to talk about tbh. It’s solid , but there’s not much discussion needed for the rally DLC imo.

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I’m playng the last of US on PC: what stunning game. ND are Absolutely fantastic. I Hope to see the same level of quality and design from the Xbox studios. Really excited to see what they are cooking for the XBOX showcase.


I played it on PS3, and it was pretty good, I haven’t felt like I needed to go back at all, so haven’t played it since and didn’t play the sequel. I hope they move on from the franchise to something a little less bleak.