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I don’t know if Sponger is wrong or not, he was at least right about Avowed and it’s setting

But Fargo did an interview a few years back talking about how Booty was asking him what he wanted to make and that he pretty much said to him that what he wanted to make wasn’t gonna be cheap and double checked with Booty to make sure it was ok and Booty said it was fine

So AAA/ambitious I don’t know but it certainly sounds like it’s gonna be bigger than anything they’ve done before


Thank you for all this information, it is a pleasure to read you.

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Didn’t Klobrille vouch for Sponger?

But at the end of the day that’s my issue with all this. Officially these studios haven’t said a damn thing, but these insiders are making it into something, but who knows what it all could end up being. Could have been that the plan was for something big, but got scaled down. Kinda like what supposedly happened to Avowed. All we can do is wait. Who even knows how far away the inXile game is.

Gotta say I’m quite curious about what big games from their own studios they will show off in June. All we’ve had these years are rumors and insider talk, some tweets, but no idea how far along all the big stuff truly is. Hellblade 2 seems to be a very likely candidate for June, I would say Avowed too but…who knows. We had Booty talk about Fable, wanting to show it off, but zero on Avowed. Hope it’s not a bad sign, is all.

Fable no way, I’d love to be wrong though. FM is a guarantee. Starfield has it own show. What’s left that realistically could be shown off?

You’re right, I do remember that interview. Guess we’ll see how things pan out haha.

I have nothing but faith in the teams (all of them) at Obsdian


Hellblade seems like a lock, by the time the show happens that vertical slice will be a year and a half old and with them ramping up those dev diaries it feels they will be building up to something

Avowed also seems likely to me, despite the reboot talk Obsidian are very efficient and even if it’s just a vertical slice like HB2 was I think we will se it

Could definitely see something like Compulsion or Stoics game finally being revealed in some form

I don’t expect anything Fable, PD, or inXile

Avowed is a lock this year, I think we’re just pessimistic because we thought it was a lock last year.

Oh definitely, but sometimes it would be good to just hear something. Of course as a gamer I’d prefer to actually see something but I understand this can’t always be. But just something from a dev, anything. Tweets like we’ve had about Hellblade 2, Fable, but the silence is deafening for Avowed.

Well, right now I’m still like this for Avowed reveal this year

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If xbox can do the Nintendo thing, and have a game gold before it is ready to be announced as going to be shipped, the cadence will be stunning.

Pejtiment was announced and released within four months. Hi fi rush, same day. The errors were the announcement of titles years away - even Nintendo has fumbled that.


I’ll be honest, I don’t really want Avowed like 2 or 3 months after Starfield. I will be spending at least 6 months on Starfield. I’d rather Avowed take its time and polishes more.

Now I can squeeze in something like Hellblade that will be like 10-20 hours.


If it’s ready they should put it out and start working the next game or DLC.

I think with Starfield hitting in September you’ll get at least 5 months between the two.

I’m not expecting Avowed until mid 2024 at the earliest

I wonder whether quantum break’s leaving from gamepass means a potential remastered version. Maybe this is the “goldeneye moment” that Phil mentioned one month ago?

Game looks too good for a remaster imo

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Visually great indeed, but the resolution and framesrate still deserve an upgrade for series S.:wink:

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There’s no point because it’s not good enough to generate hype.

I played about 5 hours or so of Quantum Break last year & it was just… mediocre. The gunplay didn’t feel good, the cutscenes had serious lip-sync problems (I played on a One X at the time) & the enemy encounters were just tedious.

I have no idea why it’s leaving Game Pass but for people looking for a third person shooter fix I advise finding something else. There’s plenty of far better games out there.

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Quantum Break was an excellent game. One of my favorites from last gen. People who thought it was a mediocre shooter were way off because they tried to play it like one. It’s not meant to be some cover shooter you’re meant to use your time powers and once you level them up and use them correctly you should be zipping around the arena like a god , slowing down time shielding from bullets etc.

Wish the game got another chance with sequel to refine and evolve the gameplay loop. Uncharted was nothing to write home about either and was a worse game than the first QB , yet that got a sequel to improve on everything and become a classic for that console. Same could have happened with QB but god forbid your game doesn’t set the world on fire the first time around when it comes to Microsoft, even if it has a lot of potential.

If fucking Knack got a sequel games like QB and Recore should be able to get one as well.

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It could take a remaster… Bet even a series X patch would work

Game looked great but there’s definitely some benefits to be gained from a remaster, I remember there was a lot of really nice tech being used to push the realism but you could tell it was just a little too early and not enough power to make it look right - like in the atmopsherics. Bumping all that up would go a long way, and if they could give me hope for some kind of follow up that’d be nice too.

The budget for a cinematic third person shooter though is much bigger than Knack so I can see why they’d pull the plug on a sequel for Quantum Break. If we’re talking about misunderstood games which were better than their critical reception, I’d rather people take a look at Ryse Son of Rome tbh.

Now that was an addictive game with sick executions & a gameplay flow which just worked. I wish we’d get something like that again, also with localized attack animations (& severing limbs, instead of simply hacking away at a life bar). The closest I’ve played was the excellent (& also totally ignored) The Surge 2, i.e. the most Ryse of all Dark Souls-esque games in how it dealt with dealing critical damage to enemies.

So I accept I can have niche tastes in games but with regards to Quantum Break? No, I pretty much agree with the consensus: it’s just bland IMO & not particularly interesting to play, even when running around using the powers. It’s not like the guns feel good, or that the level design & enemies are particularly interesting to navigate & fight.