Xbox Game Studios |OT| it me you’re looking for?


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What a turn around the last year was… thanks @XboxP3 and team you did a amazing job and I can’t wait for the future!


I would like longer options on Game Pass subs too…

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Ever since Phil was promoted to an executive, he is been on a roll buying studios and expanding their first party. And apparently theres more.

Amazing what can happen once you are at the big table lol.


Sorry if OT because not xbox specific but still intresting i think…

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In the first gameplay trailer I didn’t think much of it, so I was like “meh Sony, you can eat that timed exclusive” but the recent trailer looked a lot better. It’s fucked up that while Bethesda is now a MS company their system still needs to wait. I wonder if it’s truly still one year, madness. :frowning:

its not really messed up, a contract is a contract, and the whole purchase of Zenimax will not be finalised until the second quarter next year, so its totally understandable.

The back of the Xbox Series X box apparently, saw it on the XboxEra Twitter ( Looks great!


Exactly. Microsoft has little choice but to honour the contracts because once you purchase another company you take on all their responsibilities. The question is whether Sony has managed to nab anything else because they were trying to fish for Starfield.

I doubt it, but who knows?

I obviously don’t know the terms of the Sony/Bethesda agreement for Deathloop and Ghostwire, but Sony is no longer able to play it fast and loose with how they communicate about these games and insinuate that they are full exclusives. Which was probably a big reason why Sony would have pursued such a deal in the first place.

My guess is that there is some sort of verbiage prohibiting Bethesda from acknowledging the title for other platforms (namely Xbox) until a certain date or x days from when the game is released, but if there’s not it would be amazing to see them announce a launch date now and do a pinned tweet with a countdown clock to the Xbox release.

Me too. but you never know. I want to know what Bethesda has lined up for next year other than the two games Sony managed to get timed exclusivity lol.

I meant it’s fucked up for us, the gamers on Xbox. :slight_smile:

I had not thought of that at all yet. Thank God they didn’t manage to get Starfield, imagine that. I do wonder if MS would have made an exception for that. Sure, all kinds of legal matters and a big hassle but the title is huge. But luckily we aren’t seeing that situation.

As for other games, I wonder what. ID still seems to be busy on DOOM expansion(s), Tango has Ghostwire, Arkane has Deathloop. But there have been job postings for a new Arkane game and MachineGames too. My personal guess is that there isn’t more. Other companies though…

Thankfully with the immense growth of XGS the “pain” of future big timed exclusives for Sony won’t be as big because XGS will have games for us too.

Plus, as someone not interested in either title, it’s kinda funny seeing Xbox Game Studios earning money on PS5- fanbois.

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if sony had anything else i’m sure we would know by now, and any really far out that they may have had in talks will be canned for sure.

I recall reading it here, someone said Deathloop was a year exclusive. I’ll try to find it. I don’t think officially anything has been said on that. Maybe people started assuming it’s a full year since they according to insiders did get FF16 for a full year. Wonder if the same goes for Ghostwire. Hope the wait for some clarity won’t be too long.

Either way, Deathloop was delayed into next year, so it’ll probably be a while before we know. Unless some of these insiders manage to get the deets on it.

Since Avowed is a first person game, hopefully The Elder Scrolls 6 will focus more on the third person gameplay.

Any one have a link to that image of studios they own now?