Xbox Game Pass wave 1 for February has 7 games including RE3 Remake



Pretty good line up.


I’ll finally play RE3, enjoyed the demo but apparently that’s the best part of the game, I’ll soon find out

Yelp now am content that i did not purchase Bloodstained during new year. Looking forward to it.

So it’s a mistake? Hope it isn’t. Still didn’t buy it.

Will finally play RE3, I was out off it because of the too short criticisms.

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REmake 3 might be the “worst” RE remake but it’s an awesome game if anyone wants to dive deeper into it. It might be the shortest of the latest RE games but it’s build around replayability…the pacing of the game is impeccable, it has some excellent boss fights, the mechanics/gameplay is the best in the series along with REmake 4/RE6 and has the best designed and best balanced higher difficulties (Nightmare and Inferno) in the series with a lot of changes like remixed combat scenarios/new enemy and item placement e.t.c.

Also Jill and Carlos are both freakin’ great characters and the cut-scenes are really high quality too…top-notch voice acting and directing.

Bloodstained is a really fun game too, had a great time with it.


Hope Tales of Arise doesn’t go into Game Pass any time soon because I just bought the $100 edition this past December. lol

Lol if true, welcome to my world.

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I bought the most expensive digital edition before DLC. I’d save more if waited for it…

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Resident Evil 3 Remake was really good. The only knocks I had against it were the locations cut from the original and that it was short. But even with the additional locations the original is pretty short too.

RE3 Remake was a victim of the influencer rage culture of the 2020’s.

As an RE game, it’s absolutely fine. I enjoyed my time with it (first playthrough on normal took me around 8 hours). But I’m a Resident Evil fan, not a Resident Evil gatekeeper. There’s a difference.

I like the games (even titles like Revelations) but I don’t hold the remakes to some sort of perfect standard of the originals. I don’t even think the originals were better than the current games. They were simply products of their era which I loved as a kid. Now I love the modern games.

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Hope it is coming, I’d love to play it, although I don’t know if I could find the time lol

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Thank you for your sacrifice.


Maybe Tales is for the second batch? It doesn’t seem for the first one. It’s probably a error. Even it is very plausible that it’s real. It’s like what, three or even four years old now?

Play RE3 people! It’s on its best price (“free”) and it’s a short game

Ever since Tales of Arise got showcased at an Xbox show I’ve been under the impression it has been perpetually meer months away from hitting game pass - and years later it might finally finally be happening.

Thank you for doing your part! :rofl:


You’re both very welcome. I’m glad I could be of service to both of you. lol