Xbox Game Pass wave 1 for February has 7 games including RE3 Remake

I only heard they cut quite a bit from RE3 when remaking it, so I never bothered.

Madden is a smart choice with Super Bowl hype brewing.

They did and it hurt, but considering R3make as a game and not a remake (lol) it’s great

Arise would make sense, isn’t there some DLC dropping soon?

Other than the one from November 2023?

Oh, haha. I guess it didn’t realize it came out already

49ers baby!!!

This is the way

(Raiders fan so this matchup hurts so much lol)

Raiders seem to play hard for Pierce but AFC West is a tough division. Chiefs have the best QB in the league so 49ers team need to play a great game from start to finish to have a chance to win.

Oh yeah it’s a rough division, and ap seems to be a good coach,

But yeah rooting for the 49ers but a bit off topic haha

Curious for a few games this 2 weeks but still gotta play the resident evil series it’s always just their in my backlog maybe I’ll start re5 (360) again tommorow lol

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Gamepass has been killing it this year.

I didn’t care for the cut content. The only part which raised an eyebrow is a reused area from RE2 Remake.

I felt that was a little… cheap. But other than that it has high production values & great performances from the main characters. It has all the usual RE stuff as well like finding items, unlocking stuff & managing resources.

Like I said I had a good time with it. But I enjoy all RE games tbh (for example RE5 is still one of my favorites… so I’m not the most critical person when it comes to this franchise).

RE3 remake isn’t very good. I’ve never played the original so I didn’t care about alleged cut content, but as a mainline RE game the remake falls short. Very small and segmented map that trivializes exploration. Dreadful action set pieces. Nemesis is more of a recurring irritation than an exciting threat. Straight up re-uses whole portions of RE2 remake at one point. It felt more like a low budget Revelations entry.

Almost bought madden last week, glad I held off

The article headline has been edited, Tales is not there.


Or perhaps it IS for the second batch and they accidentally typed that. Hope so!