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yea, it was day one ps now. some day one gp games after one year they come to plus, logically will happen vice versa.

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I’m a little confused…

The games say coming soon, but it’s the 26, only a few more days left for this month. Are some of those February titles?

Some yes. Last game to be released is Hot Wheels (lol) on February 7th.

Ah OK.

Then we probably should not expect anything on the first Tuesday of February. This is a bit unusual, a drop for January and February in one, right?

Either we do or not and if not, I can see how they’ll take advantage of February, the shortest month, and get back in order once March comes around.

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So February 2 has

Darkest Dungeon, Grid Legends (cloud)

Feb 7 has Hot Wheels.

For first halve February that seems on the very small side, so i guess there could be more announced for the first half. We know the second half will have Atomic Heart.

Shadow drop is possible; just don’t think Hi-Fi level.

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Well, next tuesday is January 31st. The first Tuesday in February is the 7th :sweat_smile:


Will they actually relaease Hot Wheels on February 7th or will it be delayed again.

they delayed the game one day after the announcement on December (probably that mistake cost the 2st wave of December), its been two days after the announcement and no delay. i guess the hot wheels will come to stay.