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The negative ones? I think this is on me. My stupid ass thought these were activated automatically unlike the positive ones. I thought this during all my hours of playing, because I barely paid it much mind since everything has been rather easy going.

Can’t play now, but it sounds this is exactly where I go wrong, haha.

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If I’m remembering this part even somewhat accurately, there are some “silly tricks” you can do, mainly finding a very short time-duration event to apply any negative TIMES to it. So instead of applying a 2X to a 120-second action, find a 10-second action – where instead of burning through (2 * 120) seconds you only burn through (2 * 10).

Some action rewards are random, but some always reward the [1 second] (or something amazing like that). I saved the [1 second] TIMES for those HUGE time events. Make sure you use any extra TIMES to PREVENT those [1 second] from rolling off your inventory. I think you can only hold 3 of them before a 4th would force out the oldest.


This is especially important if you go for the 100% since you need to reach certain times on some levels.

That doors level specifically took a bit to get through. I’ll have to look at what I recorded to see how many times I had to restart.:joy:

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It’s live!


I’m still stuck, I just can’t seem to figure this out. Tbis frustrates me. It’s been so ridiculously easy all game long and now I get this. I’ve been going through all kinds of normal doors until I saw no more negative timies appear, I pushed the drum and then ran to the big door.

It says 999 sec and on the right of that it has the red skull with X10. So I’m always gonna lose here. Wtf am I doing wrong.


I suck at this.

Instead of picking 1/3, which shows the time at 333 I thought this would give me extra time. But this time I picked 1 second, and now I didn’t lose.

I do not get this stuff at all. :joy:


The positive timies are always either a reduction by or instead of.


Yeah, I punch myself in the face for being a dumb mofo with this, lmao. This really is just a matter of actually reading stuff, I usually do, but again, this psync really requires you to carefully use it whereas in all the other ones it wasn’t really that big of a deal.

Gotta say that I never liked timers in any game, I guess i get why they have it in this game but it’s not adding a bigger fun factor for me. It’s just there.

But Holy shit, this game is longer than I expected. Damn!

Aight, let’s continue.


The game doesn’t do a great job of ramping up the mechanics by forcing you to use the time things. You just hit this brick wall where you have to use them perfectly or you lose lol.

I hated that one :stuck_out_tongue:


Prodeus is maybe the most fun I have this year with a new release. It’s crazy how good just shooting feels in this game <3


Anyone playing Slime Rancher 2?

I am interested, but should I wait till it is out of Game Preview?


I love Beacon Pines. It’s almost a VN in some ways, but there’s more interactivity and exploration. It’s absolutely gorgeous, the music is excellent (my spouse came down and asked what the music was), the narrator is tops. Best thing is the story is fairly engaging and it’s not too long! Lovely, another gem in the GP lineup. Let me know your impressions if you play it.


Another on my list to play…

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Finished AI: The Somnium Files completely yesterday. It was past 3 in the morning but knowing I was in the last bits, I could not stop.

What a story, holy fucking shit. I was not ready for the story to turn out this fantastic. Loved the interactions between Date and Aiba in general, especially when clicking on everything in the locations and often there would be some hilarious stuff. All the characters are great and well written.

For some spoilers…

It’s clear that the most right route is the real story. Where Iris, Ota, So all live. Where most of the characters at the end dance at the harbor.

But what about the routes where Iris, Ota, Hitomi and even Boss die? Those are eventually not part of the real story. It quite confused me why these were possible routes. Personally I like one story the best, one focus. This at times kinda felt like it was dragging it out a little, but that’s not to say these parts weren’t well written though. But it is how the overall duration of the game is so long.

There were several routes that just didn’t seem to be connected to the real story, and sometimes I failed to see what’s the point of them. Other than that at times I started to think “oh boy, are they really gonna make this parallel worlds thing real in the game?” but that’s probably not it.

And the end of the day all the other routes feel rather…well…meaningless.

But again, what a story. I saw that the studio also made something called Zero Time Dilemma and it’s on Xbox One according to Wikipedia. Hopefully that’s BC. I’ll go check it out. If I didn’t have so much games left on Game Pass and bought games I would buy the AI sequel immediately. And there are about four games of this similar genre in Game Pass too for me to start with.

This would have made for one hell of an anime too.


playing through it now, and I am 5 hours in and enjoying it a lot. I just hope I can finish it before it leaves gamepass. I will prob check the sequel when on sale or hopefully it also hits gamepass one day


Zero Time Dilemma is the third (and last?) game in the Zero Escape series. If you’re interested, you should check out the prequels which are bundled on Xbox under Zero Escape: The Nonary Games. They’re on Game Pass :wink:

For what it’s worth, I never played ZTD and have heard mixed things. It’s a bummer because the first two games set up a lot of stuff and I guess they didn’t stick the landing.


Let me put it this way. I think it’s safe to say AI2 is probably my GOTY purely because the story and characters are that good.

If you see it on sale (and if you continue to enjoy the original) I highly recommend picking up the second game.


How do you think it would be received by someone who hated most of the characters in the first game?

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I guess it depends which characters you disliked. Some of Date’s tropes are shared with some of the new characters and most of the characters from the original game (outside of Mizuki and maybe Boss) take a backseat (they’re present, but not as much).

Not much else I can say without being spoilery, but I’d say if you didn’t like most of the characters in the first game you might run into a similar problem here.

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Thanks for taking the time to answer!

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