Xbox Game Pass |OT| Our Backlogs Are Doomed

Can I have what you’re smoking?

Hell no. What’s wrong with people?

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Oh man, I’ve been wondering that for a loooooong time. :wink:

I wouldn’t mind change, if they just simply communicated it, communication is everything. But this is on them, for years now they made it a standard thing to have two drops a month, on the first Tuesday and sometimes here and there a surprise game addition too. Then they just start changing shit and it stands out.

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The weird period being so long doesn’t help either. It goes from being a hiccup to wtf are they doing?

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Playing Hot Wheels on Medium difficulty and I cannot come 1st in any race. The AI is just always right behind you or overtaking. I tried to do my first boss race and just gave up.

I switched to easy and its just way too easy. AI just drops off to the back in the first lap and never catches up

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It’s obvious.

They are dropping first parties now, they cost a lot of money.

In May for example I wouldn’t expect much besides Redfall


There are lots of known games still left to spread out throughout the year, plus all the unannounced titles.


Most of these are not 1st party


exactly! Change is ok but communicate it with your bill payers. simple as that. Xbox and its expectations problem will not seize soon it seems. Thank God I have a massive backlog right now though.

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Majority of this is already announced, im saying don’t expect much more… MS needs to cover Starfield, redfall, Forza etc this year

This is not true. They have games that are coming to Game Pass after June 2023 and beyond. Just because we are not seeing it in the 1st and 2nd monthly GP drops recently does not mean their entire strategy has changed because of some major 1st party releases this year.

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Yesterday there was still Hot Wheels that had to be put on Game Pass. Microsoft won’t announce a new slate if all the games on the first slate have yet to be released.


February 14 for batch 1 then and February 21 or 28 for batch 2?

Let’s hope Melissa responds.


Damn, who’s the moron who bought Gundam on sale and never played it yet? This guuuuuy!


SW3 leak was an oopsy. Lol.

you were saying?


On the plus side, I think people have said the online was dead on Gundam, so this should make the game more enjoyable even if I bought it already.

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Surprised Bamco gave another game to GP within two months. Isn’t Ni Kuni 2 next month?

Looks like we are back on track

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