Xbox FanFest General thread

Update: Ignore my rant below and enjoy talking about xbox fanfest :slight_smile:

Genuinely mega annoyed. Stayed up till 2am for this, was having fun watching the stream, and answering the little questions before the quiz.

Next thing I know, the stream died briefly, then it kicked me out and wouldn’t get past authentication.

And then it kicked me out the quiz on my other device too, and it refuses to let me re-enter to watch the stream or play the quiz and now says I don’t have permission.

To say I am disappointed would be a complete under statement, I struggled from 2am-4am the other night to even register in the first place.

And now I stay up especially for this and will completely miss out :frowning:

Sorry for the rant, just a little sad now :frowning:


Hope they make it up to people who had this issue

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Refreshed several times as directed and it said my GT had been used already to enter so…no trivia for me, lol.

Lol, moving to Round 4. We all get 5000 MS Rewards points though.


I’ll take the 5000 points, but this is a damn mess.

This could have gone… smoother, but it is what it is. I’ll live. And, hey, I’ll take the free Rewards points; I doubt I would have made it to round 4 the proper way.

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lol it crashed again…

Technical issues again. I’m not getting the clip, am I?

Sounds like they’re cancelling the trivia part by the sounds of it.

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did they just cancel it?

I most likely wasn’t going to win, so i’m okay with 5k reward points

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Welp, this was a comical disaster, lol.


Yeah pretty sad, and the video is choppy af for me now. Happy about the 5000 Rewards pts, but round 4 I finished in 622nd place so I would’ve been in round 5. It was really cool the short while it worked.

Definitely lol. Glad it’s middle of the day for me in Australia, i’d be annoyed if it was like 2am sort of time. They should just give everything 6 months game pass ultimate. What a stuff up.

This is a big failure, feel bad for the hosts

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I wonder if Phil will give everybody 3 months of gamepass

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Has the Phil Spencer interview happened? I’ll tune back and be less angry now that I can give up on the idea of trivia.

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Not yet!

I think it’s only Aaron Greenberg and Phil Spencer after Kareem

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Beyond annoyed, I did the 4th part of the quiz and got ALL the questions correct and then the trivia gets cancelled :frowning: Nearly 4am here in the uk now, feel like my time and enthusiasm has been wasted tonight :frowning:

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Also everyone ask when killer instinct is :wink: