Xbox family line-up (Activision Blizzard extend)


Crazy. Kind of hard to see any other service competing with Game Pass.


Forget being the Netflix of gaming, Gamepass will be the Disney+ of gaming, lots of different genres of content in one package.


Especially if they keep going on a buying spree.

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Feels very much like MS are first big movers on consolidation and a subscription model. Playing catchup against a trillion dollar company isn’t gonna be easy but I don’t think the advantages will start showing for MS for another couple of years still, games just take too long to make.

Would help if they can split some of ABK away from COD and let those support studios do their own things, as I hope they will

I personally think it would be relatively easy to get more people on Nintendo or Sony subscription platforms if those companies try hard. Microsoft for now lacks a full blown media campaign to promote Game Pass.

Spartacus with a decent media campaign - though I don’t expect anything from Spartacus - can easy obliterate Game Pass, especially outside USA. No marketing, localization for Game Pass. Microsoft for example relies too much on social media platforms for that and even then they do not push hard enough.

Content wise other companies can find it harder especially if grabs enough IP and developers, but still there are options.

The “if these companies try hard” is the difficult part though. Trying hard for Sony and Nintendo means disrupting their existing extremely profitable model. That will keep them from going all in.


Even E sports games like Lol and Dota don’t make a strong comeback like that :joy: . what a Gigachad phil

Well, we’ll see what Sony is gonna do. Nintendo will discover Internet eventually too.

Well, we already know they aren’t doing Day 1 lol

Yes, but I am more interested in their legacy content. What they can bring to the table? After all Microsoft still does not PR Game Pass too much so a lot of people still don’t know that Game Pass has Day 1 one releases and they go to buy the game on the platform of their choice.

Yes, people who own Xbox know about Day 1 releases, but people who don’t - don’t know about that. Not enough marketing. Like for example was there a single banner with the game that specified Day 1 Game Pass release and it was not on E3 like event? They just post blog posts and that’s it.

I don’t disagree, but saying “Play 2 year old PS4 games and stream PS3 games” is not going to qualify as trying hard IMO. If they can’t come out and say all first party games will be on the service 12 months after release then they shouldn’t even try IMO.

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Y’all be overboard with the “no marketing” thing.

Xbox can be the HBO Max of gaming. Superior in every way but only appreciated in America.

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It depends on how you brand it. Considering that Microsoft does not market Game Pass enough in their Game Pass releases, Sony can pull a stunt like marketing Spartacus in a way, that people will think that Game Pass is the same thing as Spartacus but on Xbox. And also Spartacus will have more (old games).

Sony is highly likely can become HBO Max but with world scale if they play their cards right. Though lack of Day 1 releases will affect it but if they released it 6 month later or something, it will be good. After all they have their PS+ Collection right?

It doesn’t matter if Spartacus will initially be inferior to Game Pass. It’s PlayStation branded and will have marketing outside of the US.

If it really depends if Sony will do a proper marketing and won’t throw it under the rug with a simple PS+ new tier.

Are we to believe the world outside the US will be intentionaly ignorant of Gamepass? Won’t they eventually feel like suckers when all the biggest games are Day 1 Gamepass but $70 on PS5? I understand that traditionally Europe is Playstation land but how is that sustainable now that Xbox owns the shooter and WRPG games. Is Europe like the hear no evil, see no evil monkey? I personally doubt it, but maybe from how people on the internet seem to describe European gamers. They would rather spend thousands of dollars on games that will be included in Gamepass? Really?


If they bought Playstation and buy 1 or 2 games (especially if one of them is FIFA) why would they care about Game Pass?

I can’t speak for all of Europe but where I live it is PC>PS>>Nintendo>>>>>>>Xbox. Many people prefer to buy games on Steam or PS rather than play on GP or Xbox. It is super weird to me, but it is what it is. The PC-people hate the Windows store and Xbox app and the “shooters and WRPG” will be available on Steam. The console players want to play on PS since that is where most people play and their exclusives are considered vastly superior to anything from Xbox. There is also a large overlap of PC and PS. PlayStation is ever present, everywhere whilst Xbox is hardly seen outside of some social media. Speaking of media, they are also very PC and PS focused and firmly in the Cultist camp. All of this is of course a bit generalising but that is my experience.

There has been an increase in Xbox players, but from extremely low numbers to begin with and PC Game Pass has made an impact.

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