Xbox could really crush in 2022!

Game Pass day one releases may as well be exclusives because you’d be dumb to play them elsewhere. Therefore, Xbox wins every year. Can’t argue with this flawless logic.

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I think Redfall could be Q2 (leaker originally said Spring, so May and June aren’t off the table).

Other than that, they still have the following undated:

  • CrossfireX

  • As Dusk Falls

  • Grounded full release

Plus probably big updates for Halo Infinite and FH5.

While the first half of the year is definitely not as strong as the first half of 2020, I think it should be a good cut above the first half of 2021.

Also we don’t know where Quake squeezes in. It could conceivably be 2022.

Hellblade 2 is further along than ppl assume I think. They outlined their process while making Hellblade 1 and their vertical slice stage was prior to full production, then polish/release. It took them 2 yrs of full production before launch last time, so I expect late 2023. They likely will have their vertical slice to show off at VGA’s imho.

I think Fable will use tons of mocap btw. And perf capture. Not sure they are at the stage where they’d do that part yet though. I bet they would delay Fable to make room for Hellblade too. 2023 seems too stacked to not move some stuff to 2024. Fable, Avowed, Hellblade, Everwild, Project Dragons, Contraband, Perfect Dark are all plausible 2023 games and it just feels like they push some and still be sitting pretty. To say nothing about Compulsion’s game or inXile’s game or Indy or Coalition’s stuff, Quake, etc.

^^Typing that out just now really makes one feel almost overwhelmed wrt the output that is gearing up.

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Scorn and The Gunk are both listed as 2021 according to MS’s promo material from E3. CrossfireX campaign is basically done according to Remedy. I kinda wonder if they are holding the marketing for that back because MS is tryna negotiate a Game Pass release for it before promoting it.

There’s no way all the games in the first post are coming in 2022. But I think it’s safe to assume a couple will, and that there will be a couple surprises as well.

Actually, I think MS is doing really good this year as well. Outside Ratchet and Clank/Returnal Sony doesn’t have much else for this year. We know GOW and GT aren’t making it. And I don’t believe Horizon will either. And even if it did Xbox is set for a great summer and holiday season even if Q1 and 2 were a bit rough for first party/partner output.

IMO they could go into 2022 with a really competitive lineup with Sony and out produce them for the first time in a long time in back half 21.

Yep, 2022 will be a good year but it won’t be this uber juggernaut some seem to think it will be.

But that’s okay because 2023 will be even better. And then 2024 better than that.

Once you realize the sheer amount of studios and games being made under Xbox (and this isn’t even counting future acquisitions that we know will come), you realize that it just isn’t going to stop. It’s going to be game after game after game.

Long story short: It’s a good time to be an Xbox fan.

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I think 2022 will be Redfall in the Spring/Summer, Forza Motorsport in September and Starfield in November. Could see another game early in the year but Stalker 2 is in April plus im sure a few smaller games will get pushed to 2022.

One things for sure, Xbox will have a 2 hit combo of having a regular release schedule, along with an E3 that will blow people away. I can see us getting gameplay of Forza, avast, Fable, redfall, contraband, and SoD3. This on top of whatever new games they’ll announce.

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We get that every year the fantasy E3 lineup butting up against the reality of “even if it all did come next year, what would they release for the next 4 years.”

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There is no “fantasy e3 lineup” for me. I’ve enjoyed pretty much all of their shows of the past few years (minus 2020, but that was a mess of a year anyway).

Their shows will get better and better and they will release more and more games.

That’s about it, really.