Xbox could really crush in 2022!

Was this an exam? :stuck_out_tongue:


I just like to elaborate more and add more to the conversation. :upside_down_face:

They should be crushing end of 2020 and 2021!!

2022 onward at least. Rare is rather slow, and always have been. Hopefully not too long after 2022, because with the exception of Hellblade it’s what I’m waiting on

My release date predictions -

  • March 2021: Psychonauts 2

  • June 2021: Flight Simulator 2020 (console)

  • November 2021: Halo Infinite

  • March 2022: Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga

  • May 2022: Fable

  • September 2022: Forza Motorsport

  • March 2023: Everwild

  • May 2023: State of Decay 3

  • September 2023: Forza Horizon

  • October 2023: Gears 6

  • March 2024: Avowed

  • May 2024: InXile AAA RPG

  • September 2024: The Initiative’s AAA title


Onwards from mid 2021, Xbox is gonna be packed as fuck lmao damn, sad the launch suffered but yeah, very exciting future.


Yeah. You missed a few currently unknown ones though, like Compulsion’s new game and AOE4. When do you think they’re coming?

Also you missed Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad, Harry Potter RPG. :wink:

LOL outlandish dreams aside, new studios gonna make this lineup even richer. Asobo needs to happen though, literally gotta be Xbox’s number one studio to even consider for acquisition.

Compulsion - 2023/2024. AOE4 - 2022/2023.

Hahahaha. Microsoft should acquire WB Games. With or without the licenses, it’s a win win situation and one of those things that if you miss out on, it will come back to bite you in the ass.

I have Techland at #2, Asobo at #3, The Astronauts at #4 and Iron Galaxy at #5.

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The console launch comes at the worst time it seems. 2020 has been stacked for Xbox, but not with games you want to launch a console with. Meanwhile, all their 2020 and 2021 games have been delayed. Halo Infinite & Psychonauts 2 -> 2021. Everwild, Forza Motorsport, etc. -> 2022. (probably?)

Not how you want to launch a console. But no problem yet, the future is still very bright.

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I don’t see Forza coming later than next year honestly. While I believe I heard that they only started developing the next one earlier this year and that they were spending the time on big changes, hadn’t Matt on RE said that they were usually pretty fast on being able to make a new one? Also, I’ll be really bummed if I have to wait 5 years between Forza Horizon 4 and 5, after they managed to get a new and expanded one out every 2 years. Not saying it’s impossible, just would think it should be sooner.

I’m not on the other site and unless it’s Shinobi602 or ZhugeEX, I don’t really pay attention to anyone else because just too much false information/speculation and no facts. So I have no clue who that Matt guy is.

As for Forza, they’ll have Halo Infinite, do you really need Forza? Plus, will it even be ready? It’s going to be a platform (same for Horizon) so they will need a good amount of post launch content to be ready for at least the first 6 months to 12 months. I just believe that they will take more time to get everything ready.

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Hi, new to XboxEra here!

After E3, it’s a good time to revive this thread.

I did my speculation list here for what’s coming to xbox game pass from XGS from now on and it looks like this:


  • Forza Motorsport
  • State of Decay 3
  • Fable
  • Deathloop
  • Redfall
  • The Outer Worlds 2
  • Contraband
  • Starfield


  • Indiana Jones
  • Hellblade 2
  • Perfect Dark
  • TES VI
  • Avowed
  • Ghostwire Tokyo

No idea when it’s coming:

  • Gears 6
  • Id’s new game
  • Compulsion new game
  • inXile new game
  • IOI Project Dragon
  • Everwild

My Predictions


  • Ghostwire Tokyo after timed exclusivity period
  • Deathloop after timed exclusivity period.
  • Redfall
  • Starfield
  • Grounded full release from early access
  • As Dusk Falls
  • Forza Motorsport


  • Avowed
  • Contraband
  • Hellblade 2
  • Josh sawyer’s small game from obsidian.
  • Compulsion’s game
  • ID Software/ other studios new game.
  • Going out on a limb here with this guess, Roundhouse’s first project.
  • Zenimax online’s new game.


  • Everwild
  • Perfect Dark
  • State Of Decay 3
  • Inxile’s new IP AAA rpg.
  • Gears 6
  • Indiana Jones
  • Next Forza Horizon.
  • Rumoured Kojima Game
  • Fable

2025 lol yes I went this far with guessing:

  • Elder Scrolls VI
  • IOI Dragon Project
  • Outer Worlds 2
  • Arkane Lyon New game, gonna shoot for the stars with this one, Dishonored 3
  • Tango Gamework’s next game.
  • CRPG from Inxile, reboot or spin off.
  • Project Mara

These predictions are excluding any collaborations or global publishing that aren’t rumoured at this current time, the output is gonna get real insane haha. Along with some future guessing when it comes to the actual studios based on their release timelines.

Bethedsa seems to have a common average of at least 2 games a year. With some years potentially being 3 in the future.

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Wasteland, in your opinion?

No I don’t think so

I feel like they need something extra for 2022. Their Q4 is amazing with Starfield and Forza Motorsport, same with Q3 with Deadloop and Redfall.

But eh… I wish they had something fun releasing in Q1/Q2. And that’s my main complaint with Microsoft’s current game line-up, I’m missing the Crackdown-type games. The stupid fun, the arcade. But if I’m being honest, I’m probably playing FH5 and Age of Empires in Q1/Q2 2022. Lol.

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Yeah, I think there’s nothing first-party announced for Q1 and Q2 for next year, right? Probably we will get some more third-party AAA day one deals, I hope.

I could see Scorn, The Gunk and CrossfireX slipping to Q1/Q2 2022.

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Sorry, I said “first-party”, meant “third-party”, similar to the Outriders, MLB The Show, D&D Dark Alliance deals. I could see that, hasn’t The Gunk kept with their September release window?