Xbox could really crush in 2022!

I dont know when these games are coming but 2022 seem a pretty good bet

This reminds me of the 360 days when xbox exclusives were the best. It will be interesting to see how it stacks against the PS5 portfolio, they might have god of war 2 after 4years since the last but I wouldn’t be surprised if it slips to a 2023 along with bend studios next game.


Will say yes to Fable and Hellblade 2. 2023 for Everwild and Avowed.

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That is a quite impressive line up for years to come I must say. Avowed could be a true juggernault rivaling or even surpassing Bethesda best work.

Might be a Gears game in there somewhere too. For 2021 Halo and Forza. Maybe The Initiative’s new game is 2022 too? Compulsion should be in there somewhere too. One wonders about others too, like Asobo and Bloober Team. Both seem to have fairly fast turnarounds on their titles, no?

2023 seems pretty late for Everwild. It is the only game other than Halo that we’ve seen actual real time footage from… and that was back in 2019 (where they announced it as an Xbox One game).

Maybe but im not expecting it before 2023. But we’ll see what happens.

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There’s no way Avowed, Fable and Hellblade are all coming out in one year though. Maybe Hellblade 2 and one of the other ones for one year, the other RPG and Everwild the next year etc

I was hoping for fable to be 2021, it did start development in 2017, I suppose they had to create a new team.

I think Fable will be '23. Avowed most likely will be as well. I think Covid kinda hurt the development cycle of these games. We shall see tho. I could see Everwild being '22 tho. MAYBE Hellblade 2, but who knows. I’d imagine they wanna make that in UE5, so they’re gonna have to wait a bit for that as well. Could be the same story with Fable. Do we know if Playground is using Unreal with Fable? I thought I read somewhere that they are. Fable with Ray-Tracing is going to look absolutely gorgeous!

I don’t think they will drop heavyweight titles in the same year, at least in the same timeframe.

But yes, late 2021 onwards is looking mighty impressive for Xbox now.


I think Covid doesn’t hurt Fable, Everwild and Avowed as much as Hellblade II.

RPGs don’t use mo cap in most cases.

Honestly, I’m just thinking in general. Mo-cap or not, Covid is definitely having an affect on development. You’re seeing so many games being delayed right now. I imagine plenty of games are getting pushed back 6-12 months of their initial internal dates because of it. It’s tough times we’re in right now and I’m certainly willing to cut devs some slack if they can’t get stuff out on time. I would LOVE to be wrong and a lot of these games come out before '23, but we’ll see. Can’t be let down if you’re expecting a later date than they come out. Can only get excited and pleasantly surprised from earlier releases. :smiley:

That for sure but Everwild is more advanced than any other game announced outside of Halo and Forza.

Avowed won’t launch in the same time frame either one year apart or early/late in one year.

Fable or Avowed are a late 2022 game and Everwild probably early 2022.

Hellblade II I see in 2023

I wonder when full production of fable began?

I agree that Fable and Avowed should have a good amount of time apart. But honestly if one is Q1 and the other is Q4, that’ll just mean Xbox has the best year it’s ever had (assuming the games are as good as we hope lol). It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I think we’ll have a better idea come next year. Once we see gameplay, then we’ll be able to know how far along the games are. Avowed at least had a snippet of what seemed to be in-engine. Fable was a straight CGI trailer lol. I’d be pretty surprised if Avowed came before Fable, but going strictly off the trailers, MAYBE Avowed does somehow come out before Fable. Everwild should be '22 tho. Being how they don’t really have the gameplay mechanics for it yet tho, I’m kinda wondering if it’ll be later in the year. :confused:

I mean they probably have a general idea what the game is about. I think the trailer is comparable to Horizon Forbidden West. How much time do they need idk. Buuut it definitely is more complete than Avowed, Hellblade 2 and Fable. So I fell pretty confident with early 2022.

The most important part of a open world is the world and it certainly seems this is mostly done. We saw a wide variety of areas and bioms. (Similar to HFW)

Soo this makes me confident in a early 2022 release.

I sure hope you’re right. Everwild looks absolutely beautiful. Has to be one of the most gorgeous looking games I’ve seen, aesthetically. I can’t wait to explore the world. I really don’t care what the gameplay is at this point, I just wanna be in that world. lol

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Yeah sign me in I have no doubt Everwild has a fantastic world to explore. Sea of Thieves was/is my game of the gen I have high hopes.

Ohhh and these gorgeous water effects in the trailer the crazy amount of magic and the sheer creativity in animal design argh this game was made for me:D

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Hm. I think:

2021: Halo Infinite, Psychonauts 2, Forza Motorsport

2022: Everwild, Fable, Forza Horizon 5

2023: Avowed, State of Decay 3, Gears 6

2024: The Initiative game, inXile RPG


2021: Halo Infinite :white_check_mark:

Psychonauts 2✅

Forza Motorsport(may delay to early 2020)



Forza Horizon 5(may delay to early 2023)


Avowed (may delay to 2024)

Fable (may delay to early 2024)

Gears 6 (maybe)


The Initiative game

State of decay

inXile RPG