Xbox continuing to buy studios

So we know for sure now that Xbox will continue to buy more studios.

Which studios do you guys think Xbox will buy next and why?

In my opinion, I believe they should target Asobo, IO interactive, Techland, Platinum games, Moon studios, crytek!

All those are great choices.

Techland and Platinum games would be dumb. Although I hope for Bloober Team or Valve.


So, with the growth that we are seeing, I expect we will constantly be in this mode of bringing more creators into the fold.

And what Satya said is absolutely a sign of XGS going over 25, amazing!

I would say CDPR is a good fit, i mean from that point on Xbox would be the one and only place for quality RPGs , crazy. Nah, we all know this won’t happen. Asobo would be great.

They know the gaps in their content are family/casual titles and Japanese titles. I’d also argue Fighting is a gap. With this in mind:




Level 5

Jackbox Games

Krome Studios

Roblox (lol, good luck. I think they are going public)

JP Games


Final Strike Games


Ghostworld Games

WB for TT (and get all the other studios as an awesome added bonus)



Asobo and Dontnod are the most likely i think

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