Xbox Cloud Gaming now officially powered by Series X hardware

Xbox Cloud Gaming is also now available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members with Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets, via browser


Played Yakuza LaD, Halo MCC, and Forza Horizon 4 through xcloud and they all feel way smoother and consistent than before. Even when my connection is poor, I still find it playable. Its early but I’m pretty impressed

Still no Australia



Waiting for Brazil leaving beta. It’s running smoothly here, but still lacks library. They promised this year, hope they announce soon.


The potencial is here. In several aspects it is already possible to have a decent experience through this service, using today’s technology. In 5, 10 years, how vastly improved will it be? The future is promising.

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This is awesome! It’s all coming together now.

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still without brazil… but they promised that it would reach more countries this year. :pray:

Video quality is still sub par compared to something like Stadia for example even at 1080p, and when on a bigger display like on a laptop it really gets noticeable. Also, it feels like not all games seem to be on Series X hardware maybe?

I mean, I know that for the time being it’s more of an extra on top of Gamepass than a standalone thing, but if they want to sell the cloud to people who don’t want to buy a Pc or a console and want to play on their TV, they really need to up the video quality on this.

So GTA V is definitely running on a Series X server blade. Loading times are extremely fast. It’s really insane that I can play GTA V on my phone. This worked surprisingly well.

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GTA V is on cloud?

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Yep, this is loading faster than on the ps5!


My impressions

I tried

Arkham Knight
Crackdown 3
Donut County
Master Chief Collection
Forza Horizon 4
Just Cause 4
Gears 5

Tried on both WIFI and 4G on an Android 6 phone with my Series X controller and I honestly can’t tell the difference. It feels native in terms of responsiveness.

I tried Gears 5 a few months ago and I felt perhaps 1 frame delay. Now it feels like a half a frame or even one third.

Had a couple of issues when I got a low signal, with some pixelating but this eased up. It’s incredible. Got active reloads. Headshots with the CE pistol.

Looking forward to trying this out on Edge on PC.

In my town at least, Xbox as a streaming dongle is a viable gaming console.


I tried this out recently both on hotel WiFi (multiple hotels) and at my house (WiFi). I paired it with a Backbone controller and it works surprisingly well. I was shocked at how well it ran a few graphically intense games and playing something like Undermine could have been mistaken for local hardware. Good start for sure, IMO.


pretty impressed even with my shitty connections

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Do we know which ones are touch screen controls?

I feel like Donut County must be. Would be a good mobile game

It does have touch controls.

Yup can confirm. Found that out just now while messing with it and so does Gears 5…which is nuts. And as weird as it was to try and get used to, they do work

Loaded the games pretty quick and they run very well for me on my droid phone. Very impressive

If I did play games on this thing for any serious length of time though, I would defintelely need my Elite 2 controller. My brain is fully rewired for paddles at this point

Played a few games last night and it was impressive how much more responsive playing through the browser. Loading is noticeably improved as well. Only issue I had is it seemed like some games are still using the original One S code. Forza Horizon 4 was running at 30fps and was missing effects such as the dynamic shadows. Gears 5 also looked like it was running on One S code. Frame rate looked 30fps and was missing effects such as the ultra SSR. Ori though offered both 4K60 and 1080p120 options though. Will probably dive more in-depth tomorrow. Curious on how it’s determined what version is used.

I think there should really be a series x section in the app it would really help me sort out games that are optimized. On my 2nd day since the update the experience has been much better