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For sure they have some people from many various studios, like DICE, Kojima Productions, Rockstar North, Ninja Theory, Tequila Works, EA Motive, BioWare, Rocksteady Studios, Creative Assembly, Guerrilla Games, Ubisoft (they’ve many divisions, so I don’t remember which one exactly, but from few of them for sure), Massive Entertainment, Rebellion, and probably many more. For Senior and Lead positions as well as some typical labour one with completely fresh people (like already graduated from university).

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This is a very extreme and unique case.

This is fault of people at CD PROJECT RED and this is fault of gamers. They inflated that hype balloon to unbelievable limits. Both of them. Gamers were hyped after The Witcher 3 on unimaginable scale, putting them next to Rockstar Games or Naughty Dog (just after ONE game, where these two studios were working for that success for many years and after many games). CDPR made a huge marketing campaign, but they also lied about stuff and possibilities in game and of course about technical side just before the release.

I don’t think that will ever happen again with any big game. This is a huge lesson for the industry, for developers, for publishers and for gamers as well.

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Still no new regions for XCloud Gaming?

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Wrong thread. Try the following threads:


Holy shit that’s a lot of talent, a lot!!!

I don’t have many doubts that Fable will be great.

Currently playing Prey… and I wonder will Bethesda take any influence from it in regards to Starfield.

The powers which are available in the game I suspect will make a return in some form for Redfall.


I know its very unlikely to happen but this is me being very selfish as I have the series x

It wont make a difference and Microsoft has never released a game that has never worked on a technical aspect.


Yea that version gonna be interesting and if they don’t show the console versions people are gonna fear monger

It wouldn’t change everything.

Development of Halo Infinite started mostly with Xbox One in minds and then they just added Xbox Series X|S to the game. It’ll be benefited with up to 120 fps mode, with textures in better quality, faster load times, maybe ray tracing. It’ll have native Gen 9 version, but it still will be just upgraded version of Xbox One game.

If they wouldn’t be sure where and when to release Halo Infinite they wouldn’t announce that already as a Xbox One game and then without failed marketing campaign as a launch title for the next-gen. In that case we would get know that Halo Infinite would be released this year and we would get know that it would be next-gen only title (like Starfield which was announced without any platforms in 2018 and we know about them for more than week – excluding the issue of acquisition, which made it more obvious).

If they would cancel Xbox One version now because of customized Xbox Series X in server blades and future Xbox Cloud Gaming support on old consoles that would be still something really silly to do (people would be very upset – to put it mildly), because there are still lot of people which will play it just on Xbox One and there are lot of people which are not convinced to cloud gaming or they don’t have technical abilities to play in cloud.

It’s very complexed thing and it wouldn’t be just like that.

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Like I said its unlikely

lol! Only way that happens is if Playground is hiding a special single player mode you can get out of the car switch to third person over the shoulder camera and walk slowly through the forest with some form of morality pet in tow.


Hmm… interesting.

Phil mentioned that he had a in-depth discussion with Marty Stratton (ID studio head) last week as well.


It’s only an “M” rating though. Surely Quake or Wolf 3 would of copped a higher classification. After M we have MA15+ and then R18+ in Australia. Doom Eternal was R18+ for comparison sake

For f**ks sake… Got back into Wolfenstein TNO after a few years have passed since I dropped it mid way though. Couldn’t remember why…

Played 5 minutes and got so f***ing motion sick I almost puked. Now I remember why I didn’t finish it…

Wth is up with the headbobbing, super low FOV, screenbobbing (wtf?) and close up weapons? And there is no settings to adjust either… Jfc, it’s like a crappy indie game. Horrible and awful.

This moved me a bit further into Team 3rd person tbh, yikes. Does it get better in the sequels?

It doesn’t. No offence to anyone but that series just screams mediocrity.

Wouldn’t mind them shelfing it to work full stop on the Indiana game


I thought the second game was too campy. BJ’s monologuing is absolutely poetic, though. I’d be fine with it being shelved as well.