Xbox China leaks FF7 Remake Intergrade for Xbox?

I believe it is coming sooner or later.


I doubt it’s being announced on the 20th anniversary, but if it ever does show up I will be replaying it again on Xbox. Such a great game.


I cannot be the only one who finds it funny that Sony has now openly admitted that PlayStation is not big enough for them, but SE decided to tie one of their biggest titles to said platform lol.

I can understand that Sony must have paid a small fortune - one would hope anyway - but sometimes you need to see the big picture.

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I dont see why not just more money to be made for square. I would buy it in a heart beat.

It was a complete waste of money for Sony. They gained nothing from it apart from bragging rights. If this game had come to Xbox day 1 then the os4 version would have sold virtually the same amount regardless. Even integrade. Series x and ps5 are selling out. So what would integrade do if it was on xbox? Nothing. Both consoles would have sold the exact same. Basically selling out period.

And now with this game a bit older. SE are more likely to put this game on Gamepass which would make Sony look even more stupid because then people will be like…well should I buy FF16 now or just wait till it comes to gamepass in a more complete polished state. Advertising your game as timed is stupid as well.

I think Sony un derestimated how well xbox would do this gen.

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Eclusives, timed exclusives are not a waste of money or else no company would ever make such deals. Sony was able to reinforce to their fanbase that for FF fans, Playstation is the place to be. Whether they get the game exclusively, PS fans can rest well knowing their console will be treated well when it comes to FF games. Meanwhile on Xbox every SE release people wonder if the game will even come out on Xbox. Hell people were surprised Star Ocean was going to come to Xbox. So for Sony they are able to keep people from potentially switching over to Xbox by reinforcing themselves as the best place to play FF games.

Hell just a few comments above someone even admits they bought the game on PS4 because they didn’t want to wait. If you’re a fan of FF you’re more than likely not going to wait 2+ years for a potential “It’s not coming to Xbox”.

At this point I wont believe it until I see it from Square Enix themselves


Or once Grubb or Jez starts to tease it.

People are switching over anyway or buying both consoles. I’m not surprised star Ocean is coming. You see Sony didn’t moneyhat it. So basically SE are telling sony…we owe you nothing but if you want timed exclusive pay us a wad of cash. SE are milking Sony and I think even Sony are sort of like…well of you aren’t doing us any favors we won’t bother with it

And the more series x sells the higher cost it will be for Sony to get timed exclusives.

They won’t stop people from buying xbox systems.

And I got ff7 remake for ps4. I’ll get it for series x

How many people bought integrade for ps5? Not a lot since people can’t buy ps5s.

When this game comes to series x you can bet it will have a huge surge of new players.

Not everyone buys games day 1. Ff16 I won’t buy day 1 for ps5. Because I know I can wait for a more complete version.

And timed exclusives can be a waste of money. See tomb raider for xbox one.

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Grubb has had a horrible record lately with his rumors.

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FF7R literally sold PS4 units, was one of the best games of 2020 and has cumulative sales of like 6-7 million. It was a massive success and great investment for Sony. Whoever says it did nothing is nonsense.

Same people who would say superhero license are a waste of time while Sony moves like 30m sales in 2 games along with the ps4 sales it generatedm


It was a massive success for Sony. For Square, I guess we’d have to see the numbers, but that was a game that should be moving 20+ million units.

Dont think they care since Sony probably covered a good portion of dev costs and promo + its gonna move them regardless once it hits other platforms.

He really hasnt though. Like not at all.


My point is it would have moved ps4s anyway. Noone cared about Xbox.

From SE perspective. Gsme would have sold a lot more if they put it out on pc and xbox.

Sony can’t have paid SE more than 100m. 100m is 1 .5 million unit sales at 60 dollars

If you combine steam and xbxo sales it would have been way over 3-4 million. Probably a lot more.

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What did he get right.

Just two games in the series sold above 10 million copies. It’s not a franchise that can move 20 million units

Well, within the past week hes gotten details on belfry and shaolin, and both of those have been corroborated by Jez. Plus he was one of the first people to leak Multiversus in any detail, and i think the first person to leak its name

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Games media are wanting cunts for not rightly condemning Sony’s continued escalation of timed exclusive bullshit.

They threw a fit about it in 2015 when it was Xbox and Tomb Raider - and they were right to do so.

It’s been silent as a crypt since Sony nabbed SFV, Deathloop, Forspoken, FF7, FF16, Ghostwire, KOTOR - the list goes on.

I paid for the game on PS4 when it come out. It was my first time playing FF7 and I was disappointed to find it a mixed bag. The highs were stupidly high, but I was frustrated by the many lows. I found the game middling, but I am interested in replaying it. The only way that happens though is if MS gets it on Game Pass. SE is not getting a direct cent from me on any game they allowed Sony to moneyhat. They sure as fuck aren’t getting full retail price for them, which it could’ve been if they hadn’t played ball in Sony’s anti-competitive, anti-consumer bullshit.


Of course it’s coming to Xbox. They literally plastered “exclusive for 12 months” on the box art. Should be announced at the VGAs.

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