Xbox China leaks FF7 Remake Intergrade for Xbox?

What do you think? Could be announced as a Gamepass game for December in the 20th anniversary.

I think its absolutely ridiculous SE allowed Sony to moneyhat this game for so long regardless. When this does come out on PC and Xbox it will be a nice gut punch to Sony.

Now I beat FF7 remake on PS4 pro but I’d play this instantly on series X. The load times and 60FPS alone are worth buying for it.

Also MS said no new game announcements for 20th anniversary…ff7 remake isn’t a new game. Its an existing game that’s out on PlayStation. So it doesn’t apply to “no new game announcements”


I think it won’t release for xbox, ever.


I think they just effed up

Well… the original FF7 is available on Xbox lol

Nah It will eventually. Sony don’t own the games or IP. 16 will certainly release on Xbox

Also if this game was never coming to Xbox, there wouldn’t “timed exclusivity” plastered all over the box and promotional posters for the game.

Remake had a year Exclusivity for PS4. Sony did a 6 month for Integrade…SE aren’t going to port Vanilla FF7 remake to PC so Integrade will be the version going forward

December 10th is when eXclusivity runs out. The game coming to Epic store is 100% confirmed at this point. Xbox release will follow.

Maybe. But This is something that could be announced for the 20th Anniversary.

Let’s hope so! I actually have the game on PS4 but didn’t play it yet hehe

Yeah but the post literally said “Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy 7 Remake” (I read Chinese).


Interesting, thanks for the info! I still think it was a f up though lol hope I’m wrong!

Could be, I agree it’s a bit of a thin reed. But the game will come to Xbox eventually or else they wouldn’t have said it was timed so… Who knows? It’s certainly an oddly specific thing to include.

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I don’t like Shadow drop releases, hopes Xbox announce the release date before the game came out for long enough time.

Really liked how is Death’s Door port get announced for PS/ Switch before nearly a month, not big game, but must play one, so a “month” is a good period to reschedule your time for it.

As for FF7R on Xbox, I think it fit for Jan 2022 while the announcement should before that by 2 months. It’s enough time to beat the original one and get ready for the Remake.

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Even if true, would make zero sense to announce at the 20th anniversary event tho

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So tired of the waiting and this very unnecessary uncertainty too.

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at this point, it’s better if yall give up. I said it on the the acquisition thread and I’ll say it here again - “Sometimes, it’s better to have been wrong than hopeful”. :fist: :pensive:

This situation is very annoying, if it ever lands on Xbox and it bombs it would be the poetic justice for it. XD

It can’t bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Honestly the 6 month or year exclusivity isn’t a big deal to me on either console. Both sides eventually get it. when its more than a year its just a dick move

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In april we will reach 2 full years, so we are already nearer to that threshold than 1 year. It’s already a huge dick move from both Sony and Square Enix.


I bought this game on PS4 because I was tired of waiting, and it’s great, but I can’t bring myself to really devote time to it because I keep thinking “I’ll just have to start over when it comes out on Xbox.” :confused:

At this point I’m close to preferring they would just tell us “Never.” At least that would be closure!

Idk if Xbox China knows anything but i still do believe it’s coming.

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I got a platinum trophy on the PS4 but I’m waiting for an eventual Xbox release to play the Next Gen version and the Intergrade dlc.

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