Xbox caught up with PlayStation?

Lets be real here. (TL;DR: Xbox hugely improved in genres, but perhaps still not enough in one or two areas?)

PS3 Vs 360 - MS won for exclusives with brilliant Drivint, FPS, and even some RPG games.

PS4 Vs One - Very different. PS4 exploded past one for exclusives with over double the amount and some studios producing much higher quality games. Let’s look at the top 5s.

PS: TLOU, GoW, Persona 5, Uncharted 4, Bloodbourne XB: FH4, FH3, Ori Wotw, Ori BF, Hellblade Weird fact: Our highest rated Exclusive has the same score as PS lowest rates game in this list.

Now we look towards this years top 5. PS5: God of War, Horizon 2, Returnal, Ratchet+Clank, Kena. Oh and two more - Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo.

XSeries: Halo Infinite, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Hellblade 2, Psychonauts 2, The Medium.

One thing we can see from the stats is that PS has a large variety of genres. Xbox has been tapping into new genres lately and it has made Xbox more desirable to more people. With the purchase of Bethesda they instantly took the spotlight off two PS5 exclusives, but more importantly added plenty of variety to the ecosystem.

The most important of which is WRPG - Xbox is now hands down the best place to play these games. Tango Gameworks is what I’m excited for hugely too, they bring something truly new to the table.

So we can see Xbox is the best place to play WRPG, FPS, Racing. But we are still missing lnez rather large category - Action. Games like TLOU/Uncharted/GoW are gigantic games on many ways but the thing that ties them all together is Action-Storytelling(and being a Dad :rofl:) do we feel Bethesda would help with this in any way?

Who would be your dream studio acquisition to help add variety to Xbox? Thanks :+1: (This thread wasn’t meant to be this long, sorry)

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I said in another thread earlier.

Remedy, Absobo and then Sega.

Remedy and Absobo can make good action adventure games. The closest to the sony dad games. Sega would add lots of variety to XGS and between those 3 I think it would put them over 30 studios.

i would personally love to see from Software but I know thats a dream. Xbox needs some exclusive soulsgames so I wish they had a company that liked to do those.

They have over 40 teams between all the studios now so I expect lots of variety.

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No, it will take several years at least.

How is this different from existing thread?


I refute the idea that PlayStation exclusives span lots of genres. I mean the diversity within Xbox even before Bethesda was way way higher.


Completely agree. As many posted in the following thread, Sony already has low diversity in their titles.



God of War


Days Gone



Ghosts of Tsushima

Last of Us


Ratchet and Clank

I don’t know man. Other than a few JRPG’s and odd others, their biggest franchises sure feel like the same genre to me. Only difference being some are open world, some aren’t

Sega just makes so much sense if they are willing to sell. Xbox has long wanted a mascot and Sonic would be that. Xbox could pad their Gamepass library with hundreds of mobile friendly Sega ports. Those of usof a certain age would love a revitalized Sega. It’s been depressing to see them not be able to be their true selves.

I want MS to aquire Bloober, Asobo and then Sega. Sega is a long shot but fits so perfect. If they got Bloober, Asobo and Sega I think their devs will be nearly complete and they will have more than enough devs to feed gamepass.

Also if they got all of that for me personally xbox would have everything I’d want to play covered, I doubt I’d feel a need to get another console, as we have a Series X, One X and Switch and my son has a decent gaming PC now.

Yea Sony stopped being diverse on 1st party at the end of the PS3 days, they have stopped alot of their experimental stuff and are pretty much laser focused on Sad Dad Forrest simulators.

You could even argue their narrow approach is pretty much not even producing much as far as MP titles in general with the small exception of GT Sport.

I think Xbox needs solid third person action games (Compulsion is probably making one, also Ninja Theory I think) and with some E-Rated games like (for example Xbox Cart or something with all chibi MS characters like Skyrim guy, Doom slayer, Chief, Banjo, Corvo etc.) it will be in a good spot.

In general Xbox is a good position with long running games like multiplayer games, session based and now RPGs with incredible replayability.

They have exceeded them.

This topic is a bit redundant