Xbox+Bethesda Showcase 2022 | Community "Watch-a-long" thread [Spoiler & Leak Free]

Where to Watch:

You can watch the XboxEra Co-Stream with the podcast crew, with a pre show and post show with more of the team. We’d love to see you all in the chat!

Alternatively, the showcase will be streamed out live on official Xbox channels, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and, for the first time, TikTok.

New Game Announcements and News Updates

While the thread is acceptable to have discussion about the showcase in general, our news team will be on hand posting and sharing all the details of the announces as quick as they can. We’ll be utilising our site and forum integration to immediately post these items as single threads in the forum. Please use them for discussion on specific topics!

Nutshell - new news? New thread!

Kick back, grab some snacks and let’s enjoy all the games!



Let’s go!! Thanks for the timer btw!

Prediction time! Expecting a:

  • S+ Tier show
  • A Tier Show
  • B Tier Show
  • C aka Gamefest Tier
  • D or below tier

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  • Official Stream
  • XboxEra Watch along
  • GiantBomb
  • IGN
  • Other

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Most likely to be a no show:

  • Avowed
  • Banjo Kazooie
  • Kojima

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I might just hangout in this thread for the next 2 hours, can someone DM me the link to the XboxEra discord?

I just want Starfield to be a quality product, gameplay from most of the games shown and one big game for 2022

Gamepass Gamepass Gamepass

I’ve need been so hyped for a xbox showcase before, the possibilities man that’s what hypes me the most.

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the Xbox 2020 show had me extremely hyped. I think that was my most excited show because we knew of these projects by their codenames but never had an idea of how the worlds would look or anyhting.

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I’m ready!

Looking back, 2020 was the unfortunate timing for Xbox because of pandemic. They can only say “We’re working on this game. Hope you can enjoy it soon.” PS was already on it as people have said PS5 was established since 2019 while Xbox waited well into 2020, the pandemic era.

2021 was more prepared as people got back to working under remote developing. The console was updated to the point it’s more ready than before. It’s why we got many gameplays from various developers. Now, earlier, 2022 is where we go back to normal, albeit a new normal. A normal that have people working under the same building along with some that stay home. If it was done earlier, perhaps Starfield would have made the deadline.

Looking at this year, I believe game developers are back to at least 80% strength in developing, while back in 2020, it was cut significantly. That’s why the hype for this year’s showcase is strong. Sure, we may not get anything this year, but much like PS with Horizon, GT7, and GoWR, we will get them eventually.

The thing about Xbox is their transparency. It’s strength and weakness. We know what games they’re making but we will be updated on when and how the progress via “rumors” or “reports”. As for PS, they decided to do more of hiding than actually revealing this time around. I mean if GoWR does come out this year, all it’s left for next is Spider-Man 2. That’s pretty light despite the sale will do numbers. Are their studios doing well or struggle due to pandemic? Possibly the latter, but who isn’t.

So this year will be very interesting to see Xbox Showcase as this is more around the time of normal lifestyle. The fact the sales for the console is still strong proved that despite the lack of first-party games this year or at least low numbers depend on today’s show, the trust has been established.

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Watching the XboxEra WatchALong live and then the Official Xbox when the official high-resolution 4K VODs are available. The live streams always pale in comparison because Twitch and YT are not up to Mixer technology level.

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My body is ready, to quote Reggie Fils-Aimé.


Today is XBOX DAY. All your consoles are belong to us


I feel like we should be able to update this to something like…

Matt Booty is ready

But might be a bit much.

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90 minutes!

Anyone watching the Fanfest stream first? Should open up in about 14 minutes

Shout out to @Doncabesa @Sikamikanico and many other Xbox Era crew

You guys are the best

Thanks for this platform to celebrate this event together with everyone



Looks good to me!