Xbox + Bethesda join gamescom / 23-27 August


Does this mean they will have a showcase, or is it just them having a presence at the main floor?

I hope they announce something new at the show, maybe that Elder Scrolls RTS that’s been rumored.

I wonder about that too. If showcase…maybe new ID game? It does sound more like they will be there for the visitors.

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They did showcase here though it’s more like extended of showcase extended, unless they have something in mind this year. We probably learn more as the day gets closer to event.

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AoE 4 console port incoming, I hope it’s next year tbh

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They say showfloor, isn’t that where all the visitors come? I get that’s it. They have a area there where people can play their games. I’m guessing FM will be playable, Starfield i guess? Or they have a new or old gameplay demo of that there. But any of the other XGS reveals won’t be there, not in playable form.


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Back to the weird branding again?


Yeah, just call it Xbox at GC, ah well.

Maybe they did it on purpose since they just passed lifetime sale of GameCube today.

Isn’t that gamescom confirming that?

Looks like they are doing something more than usual. Interesting.

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Double the trebuchets


Phil will also be there :eyes:

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It would be wise not to read too much into it. It could be “special” for no other reason than they are going to have a physical presence again.

If they show some new stuff, cool.



Especially if it’s not a showcase, which it really doesn’t seem to be. It’s cool for the visitors to meet Phil and Aaron, and games there but don’t expect anything really here.

TGS on the other hand hopefully has a surprise or two.

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