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I forgot this year TGS is back in full force. Xbox should really capitalize it.


Vanilla P4 Arena is back compat, not Ultimax.

Loved it.

Maybe it’s a good time to announce an exclusive at TGS :star_struck:


Kojima Xbox game trailer here…

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New ad


Three hours of Geoff, what more could you wish for? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be tuning into his shows outside the game awards perhaps. 3 hours of Geoff fawning over celebrities and stuffed with ads is too much, I’ll catch the highlights later on.


Apparently the FTC has said PS5 Slim is this year and next year is Pro? My buddy just told me.

I wouldn’t be surprised about the Slim, it’s been rumored for a while now and even MS has said they expect the Slim this year, at 399 iirc.

And then the Pro, I just wonder what is gonna make the real difference compared to PS5 and XSX. PS4 Pro was a nice difference with PS4 back then, but it was especially the One X that really made a significant difference.

No. Not the FTC.

It was in Microsoft filed documents in the FTC case. It was part of MS refuting the asinine backward maneuvering of defining the High Gaming Market that only Sony and MS participate in. MS talked about the PS5 Digital being lower priced, their expectation of a PS5 Slim at $400, the portable PS5 Project Qlit for $300. They also talked about the Series S and Nintendo Oled models being in the same price ranges.


A PS5 at $400 is a huge price cut, they’ll dominate with that. Is that real?

Got it. Clearly my friend watched a video or read something that isn’t truthful then. Good to know.

Nothing really new then.

There is already a PS5 at $400… :smile:

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I would guess it’s a new model that would work with an optional external Optical drive peripheral; so pretty much a PS5 Digital Edition with a strap-on option.

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That’s the one I will be getting then, smaller and cheaper. I don’t need that ridiculously big thing here.

That announcement they had at their show for the black Series S, it really should have been a digital XSX, but I say that as hardcore gamer. I guess the S is doing less hardcore gamers just fine.

I still hope that MS/Phil was bluffing about XSX being the mid gen refresh, especially if the Pro is gonna become a real thing.

This looks to be an amazing bargain deal for Xbox Wireless headset for $50 at Walmart.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Devices $49 via Walmart (Walmart+ Eligible). [Store Link : Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Devices - ]

Shared tweet from discord (which probably has 50/50 odds of not displaying):

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Goddamn, if only we had Walmart here. I’d immediately have bought it.

The presence sure is spread.


MS priority should be matching prices with the slim, not the pro IMO, pro at this stage feels like a complete waste of time and money, next gen games have barely started to come out

Whether it’s a digital Series X or just a price drop, they will need to match that $399 price assuming it’s actually true

Considering how dead physical sales are on Xbox, a Digital X should be no issue, keep making the disc version for those that want it but get a $399 digital X out there too