Xbox + Bethesda E3 2021- June 13th @ 10AM PST/1PMEST/6PMBST- Pre-E3 Discussion Thread!

Yes it could.

If the beta is mid June and the game is out the end of September that’s almost 3.5 months.

That’s more than enough time to implement feedback. It would mostly be balancing things. TTK, small adjustments in movement speed, refine aiming, weapon nerfs and buffs. Some feedback on their player progression. Determining if things like the grapple hook will be a one time use or multiple use/cool down.

In an alternate universe Square didn’t merge with Enix, but rather they merged with Rare. And the new company’s name was Square-Rare.

It is in that particular universe’s E3 where the Microsoft showcase is as bad as you’ll think it’ll be.

The very worst that this one will be, is average. That’s the worst case scenario. Which is pretty good.

Just imagine this E3 if Microsoft didn’t buy Bethesda. Which coincidentally is the same universe that Square-Rare exists in. Yeah that would be pretty poor E3 showing.


Yeah, this game is going to be one of those that look great in motion imo.

That other E3 would still be lead by Don Mattrick and Phil Harrison.

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Has its own Spoiler thread at (Rumour) 2K E3 line-up leaked

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I watched both rands and colts e3 predictions. If either happens we are in for a great show. Idk why some are so down on it.

-both say halo infinite with focus on multiplayer. Both say there will be a campaign trailer.

  • starfield first look
  • project omen
  • forza horizon 5
  • project typhoon
  • outer worlds 2
  • Rand thinks zenimax’s game gets anounced

If they announce 4 or 5 AAA games. Reveal starfield, rereveal halo, show gamepass stuff, and show some good undies like stalker 2 and tunic that’s a great show. The best e3 ever for Xbox probably.

Just because a bunch of stuff has leaked or is rumored doesn’t make the show worse. If the above happens and the games look good it’s a 9 or 10 and easily their best e3. Even if 3 of those new AAA games get anounced with cgi it could still be great. I expect outer worlds 2 will be cgi, typhoon is a maybe, omen maybe, zenimax if they anounce a game probably cgi.


NateDrake saying he went digging and the latest info is no Avowed at e3. Am sad


Microsoft is the dumbest company alive if ToW2 makes an appearance but not Avowed.

  1. Open show with AW2 trailer with phrase ‘Previously, on Alan Wake’ or ‘Alan, wake up’
  2. I want a photo of Phil’s shelf on his shirt
  3. Marty O’Donnell making music for Halo Infinite, shows up conducting orchestra as demo plays
  4. Next gen Withcer/Cyberpunk releasing into Game Pass (don’t care about things being exclusive per se)
  5. Remedy for me, Kojima Productions for the meltdowns (Phil can buy him MGS and SH licenses for funzies)
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Showing a CGI Outer Worlds II trailer in a gameplay focused E3, when they have Gameplay trailer.


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They’re all about Starfield after this E3. Avowed I think is talked about after that game is out

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They arent going to hold Avowed until Starfield is out Hindle. Don’t know how many times we gotta go over this. If Starfield ends up being Q4 2022 (hope not) that means by your logic we wont see Avowed until E3 2023 and not dropping till like near 2024? No

Avowed will be 2023 Javier. Ain’t coming before

No way Avowed is 2 full years out. That game was in development by like 2018 when Microsoft decided to buy them.

Games are way further out then people think

So I think I’ve narrowed down Klob’s five announcements:

  1. Forza Horizon 5
  2. Project Omen
  3. Project Typhoon
  4. The Outer Worlds II (CGI)
  5. ???

5 being the wildcard of:

  • XGP Spin-Off
  • XGP Project Dragon
  • Wolfenstien III (May not actually exist)
  • Zenimax Online New Project

I don’t know how to feel.


You’re in for a shock then

Late 2022/early 2023 is consistent with sponger. 2022 probably would have had a better chance without a pandemic.

Not what Nate, Sponger, and Grubb say on Avowed. Fucking let this one go Hindle!