Xbox+Bethesda: Discussion Thread

God some of you are impossible to please. It’s clear and obvious as it has been from the beginning. GaaS types, MMOs etc could go multiplatform, but TES, Fallout, Starfield etc nope.

When the levels of negativity and hostility towards Xbox here are higher than literally Era and GAF then this place isn’t worth it for me anymore. Bunch of moaners, the lot of you.


Yeah, it’s hard to get excited over MS owning a 3rd party publisher.


No they shouldn’t but would you rather put it as a small paragraph in a blog post welcoming the devs or after a big trailer in a game show?


“hey we can’t say what our plans are right now, legal stuff and all, all I say is case-by-case basis”

“Hey guys now we can talk about it, case-by-case basis”


Sticking with my previous impressions

DLC will continue on all platforms.

New games will be Xbox/PC/Gamepass only including MMOs.

Once the timed PS5 games + Doom 3VR are out, support will end.

Starfield, TES, DOOM etc will be exclusive.


Imagine if they said “including new titles in the future that will be exclusive to Xbox and PC players”, without the some. Would’ve made a huge difference, I imagine. Crazy how just one word matters so much.


I feel like some people here expected the press release to read like this:

“We own Bethesda now! That means every game they make (no matter what) will only release on Xbox platforms! Sure we’re leaving current games on Playstation, but Starfield and ES6 sure as hell aren’t going there! While we’re at it, FO 5 is in pre production and is exclusive to the Xbox Series X Squared which is our next generation of console coming in 2030 alongside Halo Infinite Squared and Hellblade: Senua’s Sick Redemption.”

They said there will be exclusives people, that’s as good as you’ll get from a press release. Anyone who takes that language and says “so the bigger games will be multiplatform?” are being intellectually dishonest.


No, it wasn’t, people can say whatever they want on twitter, they can"t buy console now because they are sold out

people are going to buy their next gen console when there is availability so likely at the end of the year, Starfield trailer with Xbox exclusivity is going to send the message in summer

In hindsight Xbox PR is the most incredible thing these years - community does it better that the corporation. Run the banners with the most powerful console - get all the third party games running worse (then turn into the most powerful Xbox lol), Craig; purchase the huge publisher - no exclusive games, “case by case”, “first or best”, “some new titles”.

Phew, thank god, for “some” titles at least. Some time in the future though.

Why do ANY of the games beyond F076 and ESO have to go multiplatform???


Continuing to complain about the messaging is really annoying and doesn’t lead to great discussion.


Yeah I am deep into the Microsoft ecosystem because I’ve bought a ton digitally. However being this vague doesn’t do much for the brand or sway people to join ecosystem. lets face the facts the reason why Sony can throw money at time exclusive deal because it’s nearly a 3:1 difference in the console market share. However, if Microsoft can’t close gap then we’ll continue to be treated as second class citizens who devs will pass up on for releasing games or taking whatever timed exclusive deals Sony throws at them.

Anyways, I have both consoles and game more on Xbox, but being this vague is dumb since console market share is won early in the gen because word of mouth and others wanting to game with their friends


I am not a fan of this messaging. Would have preffered them to have nothing stated today, with announcements on exclusivity coming around E3. I will find Twitter and message boards hard to read given that these topics will only center around the exclusivity question rather than the games themselves.


And that absolutely false, Xbox messaging for Bethesda is really good

Xbox don’t need to be crystal clear when their console is sold out just for some keeping calm some forums


Like I said before (and I was stupid for thinking this way), they have some games in development that were planned for other platforms that they probably cannot (or another party will not, like maybe Lucasfilm) end now just to make a game exclusive to the Xbox platform.

Down the line I’m sure mostly everything will be only on Xbox, but Bethesda has been working on a lot of stuff and some of it was bound to be multiplat.

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Copy Paste Cat From A Tweet Of Mine


What word of mouth can people have when at the end of Starfield trailer they are going to see " Xbox and PC only " ?

Not most, but “some”


So xbox doesn’t have to be crystal clear on their plan? Soo what are people suppose to say when they’re asked oh what console should I buy next holiday well sony has god of war, spiderman, and horizon Xbox has pyschonaughts 2, halo so far announced this year? I heard xbox bought Bethesda what exclusives are they getting. Well actually idk


So we are not supposed to discuss that here either? When did XboxEra go corpo?