Xbox becomes the official gaming partner of the French National Football Teams


Good global moves starting to happen. It definitely doesn’t feel coincidental that after Phil made CEO and marketing now reports to him, we started seeing signs of global presence and marketing.

This one is a great start, France has many big and marketable stars like Pogba and Mbappe and Benzema and they are probably the World Cup 2022 favorites.

Oh and speaking of World Cup, Xbox should definitely be present there, maybe even as a sponsor. It’s the most global event there is. Imagine it also marketing Starfield there which close in release time…


I don’t imagine Microsoft wanting to sponsor the WC. Mostly due to this Revealed: 6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar since World Cup awarded | Workers' rights | The Guardian .

Microsoft literally directly sell to the military that destabilizes regions and kills innocent people all around the world for decades

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This is great! Gives me hope things are starting to move again in Europe.


Wait don’t they also support an England team too?



Yes, this Is a good strategy. Football (or soccer as americans call It) Is the most followed sport in Europe.

Clearly this is their push into Europe, I’m happy to see any support like this over there, not sure considered a big deal or not at least it something.

which as a brit feels like a double edged sword. Personally i feel for the first time in decades, us english have a decent team that can play football (and arent more focused on money and shagging each others wives)

unfortunately that means all our hooligans decide to show that they are absolute twats…

seriously i bet 90% of the hate for the english team would be gone if our fans were just banned from matches

People should hear Xbox from each and every TV, radio and podcast :fire:

as well as Wembley Stadium connected by EE and St George’s Park.

Oh this is nice, Wembly is one of big name venues in the world, and it’s hosting a big international game soon [Italy v Argentina] which should be big. I wonder if the partnership would extend to banners and ads on broadcasts.

A ton of the dislike last EC was due to the recently enacted Brexit. You probably won’t notice much of it next WC, especially now that Russia has reaffirmed its position as most disliked European country by quite some margin.

Cocorico !

Ah ah it feels so weird, but that’s nice !

Can’t wait to see big Xbox logos on french TV again. Football has been associated with PlayStation for decades and will remain for the forseeable future, but that’s the right step.

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I wonder if they’re looking to sponsor European teams anytime soon too. Shirt sponsors is an obvious good option. Many clubs change sponsors every 2-3 years and it seems like there’s always a big club looking for sponsors. It averagely costs $50-70M a year, and you see the logo/name on every picture and piece of media for the team.

They are really putting the means into this partnership, and this is the first time it happens here since… well forever.


Ha, Xbox buying up European Football one nation at a time. Nice move after The English Acquisition. :wink:

If the opportunity presents itself (I doubt if the rights are available), I’d go for Spain next, or Germany.

It makes sense to push it right now because they can produce more consoles now due to winning the bidding over the fabs. Strike the iron while it’s hot.

France is also a really great choice, I’d say optimal even especially for a “begining”. As I said, this year will be national football celebration so they should really leverage it. While Champions League is probably tied to PS for a long time, Xbox have the even bigger opportunity to be present at the international football level imo. World Cup sponsorship would be really great, assuming those sponsorships aren’t already sealed that is. It will be in November around the release of Starfield, and maybe even close enough to still even show Forza Motorsport, Redfall, and they’ll probably have more marketable material for 2023 games. This is a great opportunity to hit hard, because that’s when the content is ready and the whole world is literally watching.

Wow those are sick!

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